WaterBorne Mottling?

For those of you who use the WaterBorne paint set, what color do you use for mottling layers?

I use the lip/blush/nail, then creases color, then vein blue color, then the creamy warm tint, then the purple wash color.

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I use waterborne too. I have been using the same as @SouthernLullabies to mottle. But I had a too pink baby and I used the creamy warm tint and it made the baby a pale color. Which was what I was going for any way. It worked out.


My babies are all shiny after completing painting. I researched on their website and found that applying the Ultra Matte Gel in a thin layer with a clean cosmetic sponge after the paint has set it takes away the shine. It worked for me. The only thing it didn’t really say was if you needed to add distilled water to thin it a bit. I didn’t do that I took it to mean apply without thinning. I am waiting until tomorrow to see how it looks. I just applied it to my babies.

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Thank you both for your answers! I’m starting on a new kit as soon as her primer dries and haven’t been totally happy with my mottling, so I’ll be trying what you both said!

And @Evee, that’s interesting! My babies haven’t been shiny with the waterborne paints, I wonder what makes the difference.

I am not sure. I wash my kits first and let them dry. I went exactly by the instructions. Do you use the slo dry? I was adding that to get more paint time but only one drop.

Here are my Darren and Johanna when they had the shine and the after when u added the ultra matte gel. I have to adjust their weights. They look like potatoes to me. lol

Darren’s body looks too big to me. Do you have a smaller size you could try?

Oooh ok, in my mind I was picturing something far more shiny. That looks like most of the finished dolls I’ve seen before they get a matte layer, so I guess I was experiencing the same thing after all!

But, to answer your other questions anyways, I’m 50/50 on using the slo dry. Once I’m finally in the mood to paint I like to get it done quickly, so sometimes the slo dry really messes up my rhythm - I do really like it for veins and undertones though.

I use slow dry and distilled water to thin. 50% of slow dry to paint. So 2 drops paint 1 drop slow dry. I’ve also found mottling a lot easier with the honey comb sponge

I saw someone else mention the honeycomb sponge. I’ve never heard of it before can you show a picture?

Honeycomb sponge

I have too much weight in his body. I ordered one of the bodies listed on BB for him. I don’t have a smaller body.

OK I have one of those that I bought at the Rose show last year from bountiful baby. Didn’t realize that’s what it was called. I still prefer my plucked wedges over that sponge. Just had to check in case there was something new out there for me to try. Thanks

Ultra matte gel can be used as a primer coat for bare unpainted vinyl. Dilute until it’s about the consistency of cream and apply with a sponge.

It’s actually called a tack sponge and is used for cleaning leather horse saddles and reins but can also be used for leather boots and shoes.

I use Waterborne as well. I actually just use whatever color I feel like using. On my Ashley asleep I did my own version of the primary method. I use the lip, nails and blush as my first layer then do random colors. I recently bought the waterborne tint colors so I used blackberry for one mottle and robin’s egg blue for another. Also I found that I can only use a cosmetic wedge with small holes torn in it to do mottle. When I try to use the other sponges it does not come out right.

This is a link to my Ashley asleep on reborns. No pictures on my tablet. https://www.reborns.com/item/70903/1

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Does the ultra matte have any sort of texture to it? I use the Americana varnish with cornstarch and really love the feeling it gives. I wouldn’t call it “toothy” but there’s feeling that keeps it from being too smooth.

And @Sunshinesky, she looks beautiful!

@Matryoshka There is a texture but I don’t think I would call it toothy. I am new at this so try it on a test part or flange. My babies don’t feel toothy to me. I am going to give the individual colors a try. I have been mixing most of my colors any way.

@Sunshinesky She is gorgeous.

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Yes, that’s the name a know it by so thought maybe this honey comb sponge was something new that I needed to give a try. Thanks everyone.