Was about to order


I was in the middle of making an order and suddenly it popped up to be 70 dollars more. Now I am holding off. Two of the items I was ordering went off sale in the middle of me buying them. What the heck. If it is in my cart and I just put them in on sale, they should stay on sale for at least an hour or two if I just put them there. Makes me not want to place an order. I think the doll prices should be changed at midnight or something. I feel like this is the prime time people order and after all the work of putting them in my cart and adding all the pieces the price doubled. So frustrated.


Second time around. Went back to order and it did it again. I am so mad now! I feel like buying elsewhere… In the last hour 3 dolls changed prices within less than 15 mins in my cart. Like seriously?


Ughhh that happened to me before!! I was so sad.


It all just varies. The system is set on a certain number so it goes off sale depending on other customers orders, etc.


A code put in that says Grant is on sale until there is only 200 left.

So if there are 250 kits and 50 people buy one, it goes off sale. If 49 were purchased and you put one in your cart but didn’t pay yet, some one else buys one in the mean time, it goes off sale.

So if I am ordering one I know wont stay on sale long (newest realborns, etc) I grab it fast and check out.


Good to know, it’s quite frustrating. I got my order in finally but minus a few kits i wanted. :frowning:


Everyone wants the same ones, lol!


So true…