Warning...scammer stealing pictures

If you sell on Reborns please go to this site and make sure your babies are not pictured and being “sold”. My babies are listed there and I sent him an email telling him to remove then, he does not have my permission to use my pictures or sell my babies.

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Is this the one that took your pictures @katieperry ?

I only saw chinese “factory” reborn dolls. He may had remove yours ?

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Yup, its gone…I sent him a couple nasty messages :wink:

Looks like he took all of the pictures from Reborns down.


Great ! I hate scammers like that !

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It was my first experience with having one of my pictures stolen. I am glad it was easily resolved but from now on I put watermarks on most of my pictures…they don’t want you to do it on Reborns, I’m not sure of the reason but Im doing it from now on and Im not the only one who does it anyway.


Dave must have threatened them. I don’t see any from reborns on there now. But I do still see some from eBay on there.

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I think Dave is okay with watermarked photos as long as it isn’t the gallery photo that has it.


One site of his has links to ebay, etc when you click it and I think he gets a commission from ebay if the sale traffic came through his website…

The other page https://reborn-dolls-for-sale.com, had the reborns listed and word for word descriptions from the artist but the prices were about $70-$80 higher… I assume his fee for the sale?

Either way he did not have permission from the artists. As of this morning the whole reborn section he had is empty.


I saw those listings last night. I put a review on one saying he was a scammer and didn’t have access to those dolls. But I don’t see the ones from reborns anymore. Are they still there and I’m just not seeing them?

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I can’t find them anywhere so I assume he took them down. I watermarked most of the pictures of my three babies that are currently for sale.


I ordered 2 dolls for my twins on dollishreborndolls.com September 28 for their birthday. It’s been over a month and we still haven’t received them. I emailed them, they replied saying they had to order the kit and make the dolls first. I’ve tried to find a phone number to call but I can’t. Is this a scam???

It is one of the scam sites. They stole artists pictures and videos.
I would file a claim. I have seen a few people say they have gotten their money back.

All these sites and pages have to same stolen pics and false descriptions, etc.

Here is another post about these scam sites

Cancel, get your money back.