Wanted to share a newborn pic!


I have never seen a newborn baby just born with such thick eyebrows. So wanted to share with everyone here. I am totally amazed.


Me either. those are some heavy duty eyebrows. Do you know this baby?


Such a cute baby! And we are always trying to make a perfect eyebrowed baby, lol!


The mom is a friend of one of my daughters!


I know right. I couldn’t believe it when my daughter sent me the picture!


Beautiful baby!! I wonder if they will fall out? Thank you @Skylar Lisa for sharing.




Yes we must watch this baby grow, lol!


Was wondering the same, if they might thin out or fall out like some baby’s thicker hair they are born with.


Her mother was born with the same eyebrows and still has them to this day! She sent me an update picture!