WANTED - COMPLETED REESE (by Andrea Arcello)

Hi, this is my first time using the Bountiful Baby Forum and I am hoping someone can help me. I have been looking for this sculpt for ever! I have several reborn dolls in my collection, but that is one that I have yet to own. I love Andrea Arcello’s babies.

Can someone let me know if they have one they would want to part with and $?

Thank you so much!!

Marie Chalmers


Welcome to the forum, Marie. :blush:

No Reese, sorry, but welcome to the forum anyway!

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Thanks!!! So nice to meet people who love Reborn Dolls as much as I.

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No worries, but thank you for the welcoming :blush:

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Welcome to the forum. I have a blank Reese kit, not made. If it came with certificate, I will have it. I can sell the kit or if your inclined to I can make the doll up for you.


Welcome to the forum Marie, you will love it here!!

@marie.illa Denise is a skilled reborn artist and I am confident you would like her work. Bet she can show you some of her past babies!


oh that is an awesome compliment from you Pia! Thanks so very much! I have many samples of dolls I have made on my website.


Wow!!! Thanks so much! What is your website I would love to see some of your babies. Also, can you give me some idea of cost?

Thanks so very much!!

Thanks so much for the referral!!! I just contacted Denise. I love it here already.


:slight_smile:Thanks so much!!!

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my web site is www.freewebs.com/handdcreations/
will pm more info!


Hello I don’t know if your still interested but I have a Reese by Andrea arcello available.


Welcome to the forum. You will learn much here. There is a lot of trust and warm hearts here to. Pia that’s a very nice compliment because it came from you. I think I would consider getting this baby.

I have a Reese Sculpt for sale or trade.