I have been trying to contact Cher for her hair for a while and I dont hear back yet, anyone know whats up? Thanks


She broke a finger or thumb, but she is around… I got hair from her about 2 weeks ago… Did you send her a PM???


I dunno how long you have been trying to get ahold of her, I know she got hurt and wasn’t around for a bit, I also know I believe she is out of town for a few days


Of course I sent her a pm… i sent it in her forum not this one. and i emailed from reborning hair and submitted the form… hopefully she writes back… i need the hair…


I’ll let her know your looking for her


I spoke to her, and she did not have hair as she is hurt :0(


I am doing up hair this week end (with help) and can dye on mon -I am a bit slow going but I can do what ever ya need ! -Sorry I didnt get back to ya -couldnt even type for a bit !!


Cher, I sent off a request too, but I understand about your limitations right now, so take your time.


oh awesome, thank you so much I will be awaiting your reply! Hope you feel better!