Wanted: an Oklahoma connection for reborns

Wanted: Reborner who lives in or close to Oklahoma City to talk about reborns, swirl patterns in rooting and other reborning things. My husband and son like the babies but don’t understand reborning. I live in Oklahoma city and work at a school full time and an after-school program at the YMCA, and I still have the energy to reborn.

To bad you don’t live in Tulsa!! I am about 250 miles away from OKC. I live in Joplin, MO

Not me who ever lives in Tulsa has to organize it that looks like the center for everyone! Tulsa is only 150 miles from me so a couple hour drive. Only thing is I am only off work on Thursdays and Fridays and I don’t even know about having those days off for the next month. We are getting overtime out the whazoo. They have 9000 hours of OT that has to be filled!! They are bribing us soooo good to lol. So no complaints. Mybe after the holidays we could all get together

LOL I didn’t even realize her name was Debra too lol.