Wanted a ultra soft reborn kit ldc etc


Hi, I really like how sqooshy they are. Does anyone have a kit they’re willing to sell for a reasonable price?


i have a full body Victoria that I paid a kings ransom(160.00) for that had a serious melt down while setting her paint…she has a crack inside her head and slightly melted fingers. I do believe it can be fixed and enjoyed but I was so sick over it I just set her there and did nothing with her. I will take 50.00 for it, shipping included! I am in Canada for shipping purposes. I will get you some pictures if your interested.


I have Delia by Natali Blick. She is ldc vinyl.
$79.99 at irrisistables, I would sell her for $60.


Can I see pictures of Victoria? She’s one of my dream babies.


How soft is she? Is she similar to the softline?


I’ll pull her out in a bit and squeeze her lol. I know I have a couple others that I was amazed with how soft and squishy they were.


hardware for assembly

inside head damage
from the outside it is not visible
melt finger just not original position

legs and feet were not affected.
this kit is painted with heat set paint and has matte varnish sealer.
I have polyfill in the limbs as they are so soft they collapse on themselves I will take that out before I ship not to add any further weight.


Sold. Can you wait until tomorrow for PayPal? Is there extra for shipping to the US?


PM you details