Wanted 7 mos June alseep


Anyone have an extra?

I have several kits I can trade in for:
Sold out LE Alexander by Olga Auer
2nds Marissa asleep Realborn
2nds Evelyn asleep Realborn that has 1 coat air dry paint
2nds Zuri asleep


7 month June asleep hasn’t been released yet, I believe her release date is in April


Everyone wants 7 month June. :star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


We all want her!! Lol. She’s the only kit so far that I’m anxiously waiting to be released. She’s so precious and I already know she’s going to be a keeper for us. Lol.


OH ok thank! I thought I had missed her already! Whew!


For those of you who have done the larger kits, how well do they fit in the nuwave oven?


When I painted 3 month Joesph, I baked his head and arms together and legs as a pair together, I hope you know what I’m trying to explain lol

I actually had painted two kits at once so it was a lot of baking then when I did the single it was more fun. He’s very big.


Thank you! Makes sense :slight_smile:


I’m glad. I’m not the best at explaining :slight_smile: