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Mistee I love your goats! What breed are they? I wanted mohair goats but couldnt find any and ended up buying a milk goat which turned out to be great.
We have our first 2 kids this spring when we freshened our mama milk goat she is a purebred Obbenhousli sp? used to be called swiss.
The dad is a purebred Nubiun so the kids have their ears stuck out to the sides. We were lucky to get another female so I can milk 2 next year. I can t wait to start getting fresh milk again. How long do you let the kids nurse? We will be selling our male kid as soon as he can go. We live in Ma if anyone is interested he will only be $25.intact.

Goaty hugs

my goats are also a dairy goat, nigerian dwarf goat… they are small but can produce an amazing amount of milk… i find it is also easier to find good homes for the smaller goat:)

right now I dont milk but plan to maybe next year … my youngest will be 2 in april so things are hectic. i would like to make goats milk soap!!

boys that arent buck quality i wether around 5, 6 weeks so that way they get a good pet home… intact males that arent buck quality are harder to place in homes and usually end up food eventually!!

if i am keepng a doe i just let mommy wean them naturally other then that i pull babies when they go to their new homes.

intact males will be weaned at 7 weeks and wethers i let stay with mom till they go to new homes!

goats are soo much fun to have!!!

o, i do have one fainter goat, talk about funny!!! poor little girls is always locking up and falling over,lol.

I milked and we drank mommas milk all last summer. Then in Sept she started to kick and say get away and we knew she was going into heat.

I was afraid to drink the milk at first but after I got used to the idea it is very good and taste better than cows milk. You get used to any flavor but after we drank goats all summer cows tasted and smelled like cow manure smells. lol

I hate to see the males end up as meat but I might not be able to avoid it. SSSHHHH dont tell the kids I mean human kids.


not sure if i would like goats milk, i don’t even like cows milk… my boys, including hubby are huge milk drinkers!

try the smaller breeds, boys are easier to place in friendly homes… my 2 bucks from this year were the first to find homes @ $75 each. I will have them wetherd before they go though… the one would have made an excellent buck but these people really liked him and a good home is more important to me!

Do you or a vet neuter and dehorn them? Do you trim their hoofs?

I am lactose intolerant and goats milk didnt give me a bellyache. Our mama gave about 6 cups in the am and 3 cups in the pm.

I have seen those cute little guys they sell them for alot of money here too.

i disbud my on but take to vet for neutering… I don’t believe in banding to neuter that is a slow and painful way. i also trim and give all my own shots!