Want a free reborn?

come join the 4th of july swap over at wereborn.com and you just might get a free reborn made by me
there are different kit price ranges you can join along w/ a toddler and mulitples group!!

deadline to register is the 7th.

come by and get the details or pm me here:))

hope you join, it is a lot of fun!!

my goats are also a dairy goat, nigerian dwarf goat… they are small but can produce an amazing amount of milk… i find it is also easier to find good homes for the smaller goat:)

right now I dont milk but plan to maybe next year … my youngest will be 2 in april so things are hectic. i would like to make goats milk soap!!

boys that arent buck quality i wether around 5, 6 weeks so that way they get a good pet home… intact males that arent buck quality are harder to place in homes and usually end up food eventually!!

if i am keepng a doe i just let mommy wean them naturally other then that i pull babies when they go to their new homes.

intact males will be weaned at 7 weeks and wethers i let stay with mom till they go to new homes!

goats are soo much fun to have!!!

o, i do have one fainter goat, talk about funny!!! poor little girls is always locking up and falling over,lol.

not sure if i would like goats milk, i don’t even like cows milk… my boys, including hubby are huge milk drinkers!

try the smaller breeds, boys are easier to place in friendly homes… my 2 bucks from this year were the first to find homes @ $75 each. I will have them wetherd before they go though… the one would have made an excellent buck but these people really liked him and a good home is more important to me!

i disbud my on but take to vet for neutering… I don’t believe in banding to neuter that is a slow and painful way. i also trim and give all my own shots!