Wanna see Mousey by Jorja Pigott?

I got this little mite from PG with my 50% off birthday coupon. Now you gotta look past the typical PG stuff to see her potential. Forget the horrible lashes. The body is horrendously proportioned and not well suited for these limbs at all so she will be getting a new one. It looks a bit wonky in the pic because her weighting beads bag had shifted some but it isn’t sewn exactly straight either. To give you a size idea, her head is much smaller than a tennis ball. I get 7 1/16" around. I think she has a very sweet face and lovely little delicate feet with good detail. I also think her outfit is pretty cute. I am thinking she will be darling reborn. Mine is #7.

I can’t wait to see what you do with her.

And here she is all stripped of paint and still a bit wet from a bath. Notice all her nice detailing.

Without sounding too dumb what is PG?? Is this a tiny doll?? Looks cute and I love the outfit!!

Angie, she is SOOOO teeny but adorable! I can hardly wait to see her when you are finished!

I’m Sorry, PG is Paradise Galleries.
Here is where I got her: http://www.paradisegalleries.com/produc … ousey-Baby
She is a tiny baby. 11" long as is but once she gets a new better proportioned body she may be more like 10".

Here is the photo of the original prototype that Jorja sculpted that they made the doll from.