Wanna hear some thing funny?

I posted pictures of a baby in the sink having her first bath. Some of my friends have decided it looks like something out of a horror film. Gosh if they only saw some of the things we do to our babies. I think I just might post a pic of the drill bit going in her nose. I wonder how that would freak them?

We obviously all are like EMS personnel we have twisted ideas. I guess this gives me a double dose.

I know! Someone else seeing us even just root a head is almost too much! we love being reborners lets go girls lets hear it!! )

My dining room table looks like I have laid out a buffet for Jeffry Dommer LOL !!

The neighbor kid gets a kick out of me asking if anyone has seen an arm or a leg somewhere! Can’t help for it if I misplace body parts sometimes! He’s nineteen but is here a lot so he’s used to my scatter brain!

When a baby needs a haircut, I place the head on top of a shampoo bottle!

That’s a great idea except I think all of the shampoos I have in the house now have too big of a top. Have to convince my daughter to get another scent.