Walmart Doll now 3rd to Reborn


Hi Ladies This is my 3rd baby to reborn I got her from walmart to pratice on I think she turned out good enough to give to my stepdaughter for Christmas. What do you think? Is thier anything I could of done different ??
I love the support here I’v learned alot





I think she is adorable! Your step daughter will love her.


Aww! Your stepdaughter is going to be one happy girl on Christmas morning


She is so cute, really sweet. My grand daughters mom asked her what she was thinking about for christmas. She mentioned two things… A laptop and another doll from Grandma. Shes only I gave her one for her last birthday in March. So I have one of these dolls from Kmart too so that who it may go to.


she is cute, she will love her,


She is so sweet, Your stepdaughter will be soooo excited.

Hugs Tina


Thank You I’m glad to hear she looks okay I’m sometimes not sure . I hope she likes it, I think she will she does not have one yet and has realy had her eye on them in hopes of getting one. My stepdaughters Birthday is in March too:). I have a tip for anyone taking apart a store bought doll, the ties on this one were very tight and when I was cutting them off my finger got in the way and I ended up with a very bad cut and nerve damage I would hate to see that happen to anyone just watch your fingers when cutting the ties:)
Thanks again ladies!!!