VOTE/POLL: Which Kit Expressions are Most Popular?


Hey guys,

So my friend and I were talking and we both like different style kits. We are debating which type of face (expression) is cuter, and more popular. What do you guys like or think will “sell” better? Lets take it a step further…if competing, which one will judge better in competitions?

A. Relaxed/angelic sleeping face
B. Scrunchy (potty) face Sleeping
C. Relaxed Open eyed
D. Open eyed Happy/Smiling

I know there are other expressions, but here are the main 4. All on newborn, small babies. Thanks for your votes!!!


B or D all day. Miracle is in my collection, Sunny is one I made and sold as soon as I listed her. The others are just a few favorites I have saved pictures of.I love the faces with expressions, crying, yawning, open mouths, smiling :slight_smile:


I LOVE the last picture! I usually like peacefully sleeping babies but I also like smiling babies (awake and asleep) if the smiles are realistic-Sunny, Harper Arcello, Keiko Pigott, James Faber.


For my keepers I like relaxed sleepers. They just seem to be realistic sleeping, instead of ‘frozen’ in one expression so to speak.
But open eyed expressive babies are way more fun to take pictures of and pose.


I think I like awake, calm babies. You can do more with them posing-wise… They could be curious or sleepy or investigating…

Next is smileys, they are just so darn cute! Who doesn’t love a smiling baby?

For asleep I prefer the worried eyebrows like Asher, or scrunchy face like summer… But for sleep the biggest thing is does it look real.


Love that tounge one!


I love the relaxed sleepers, but after seeing the ones above I might change my mind!!! LOL


D; I love the little smiley babies!


A and D


A and D (but nice relaxed smile). I do not like the extreme ones; while they might be realistic, they are only fleeting expressions in real baby, and having a doll frozen in a grimace, I would find find quite creepy.


They are all so incredibly Cute!


I love the scrunchy faces. B


Well my favs are Calm sleepers and Calm Awake. I also like Happy awake babies as my third. I don’t like the scrunchy potty face babies AT ALL. But there are some that are nicetthan others that I can tolerate


D I would think. Just take into consideration how popular Saskia is. Seems like everyone owns one.


A and D


Omg Yes, I totally agree. There are soooooooooooo many of her kits. I wonder if her kit should have been limited…


A followed closely by B