Vinil hard

Has anyone rooted fine hair in hard vinyl? I’m doing it in Maxi by Sigrid bock and I don’t like the result, maybe human hair is needed?

You can see the hole in the needle and I don’t know if it will be due to the hard vinyl or the fine hair, what do you think ladies?

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i think it looks great!!

Thanks, it’s my first time rooting non-bb kits, I see a lot of the hole or maybe I should get used to other kits

I’m not an expert in rooting my any stretch. Are you heating the head? That helps to root hard vinyl.

yes I have a lamp inside his head

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What size needle are you using?

42g 3b

I’m 46 g but it moves a lot as if it were going to split

I would think that 46 is too small for the harder head. I would keep going…it looks good to me.

I threw it aside! I’ll try again tomorrow😢