Video story of my twins

Cher wrote a story for my babies and Stef and her took pictures to go with it. It is amazing. Hope you agree and enjoy it. It is my pleasure to share it with you.
scroll down and click on Pumpkin and Boo Movie

Very cute!

I am soooo glad you enjoyed the story and love your babys-it was our plesure to do them for such a wonderful person-To those who saw the stoy what do you think of it???

Some on the other forums said you need to write children’s books. All my family thought it was the cutest thing. Cher I couldn’t sleep last night, I was so over stimulated. I just kept playing one of the best days of my life over and over again. I am still thrilled with it all today. You girls amaze me with your talent.

its at and as it is long -takes awhile to load but we think its worth it

after going to the site click on Pumpkin and Boo Movie and wait for it to load