Video of my rooting


It was hard to balance my phone and root at the same time, so this is a bit sloppy and slow, lol. I think my german heritage is shining through! I’m becoming a Speedy Gonzales at rooting.
When making BB kits I root middle(unless it’s a contest doll), I zig zag up, down, then around in circles. This wavy hair in Medium brown, rooted with a 43g single barb, enjoy!
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Cell phone picture:

Ignore the 3 year old, Pomeranian and The Power Rangers in the background, lol, I always have to too, lol.


Iansmommie, the pictures are helpful, as well as the description. Most importantly for me, is knowing what kind and size of needle you use. Is there a way to keep them from breaking so easily, other than the obvious same angle out as in, and rice sock to soften the vinyl?


Good for you!!! I am jealous! You are a speed rooter and it looks wonderful, too!



So with a single barb, it only picks up one hair at a time? I was watching another video on youtube and the person was separating one hair at a time to root.
I think the needles I have have a total of 6 barbs so how many hairs will they pick up at a time?


Unless you separate each hair, 6 barbs will pick up 6 hairs if you root from the end or 12 hairs if you root in the middle, the bigger the needle the more hairs will pick up per barb more since the barbs are bigger.

I separate the hairs when I use a multi barb needle it’s more precise, and less time is used going back with tweezers. But with the 43g single barb it has one little barb and usually picks up one hair, I LOVE it. I don’t use a tool and hold the needle so I can feel what’s going on. If you pullback ever slightly before you insert the needle, you can just feel the hair catch in the barb and then you insert the needle/hair in the head, usually only one hair goes in. If you root in the middle it would look like 2 hairs coming out of each hole. If it’s around the face I will root the end separating the hairs, but for the back of the head I root in the middle. I normally root by touch when I’m watching TV, lol. Funny I can root with a sharp needle without looking, but as a child, even with 3 years lessons I could never play the piano.

No matter what anyone says, every one started at the beginning and broke a bunch of needles. When I started I was a lot slower and broke 10+ needles a head. No need to pay for “Reborning College”, you can also find all you need to know on youtube with Nikki Holland from Still Moments Nursery. She’s a top reborner in Australia and shares all her secrets or her website I learned most of my stuff from her videos, for free. Nor should you pay $40 an ounce for mohair to be a good rooter, I buy the same washed “wool fiber” for $10 a POUND and dye it with $3.75 wool dye(no human hair dye or RIT clothing dye). You have to have a combo of knowledge an natural talent, advancing out of being a hobby reborner to making a doll that someone would pay for and you can be proud of. Trust me I have a few dolls fully wrapped in their receiving blankets hiding in my closet, one day I may fix at them.


I can only pick up one hair with a three barb needle if I’m lucky or a six barb if I’m not… Not that easy for me!!


Thanks for the post and for taking the time to make a video. I will have to give it a try. I’m always looking for new ideas when it comes to rooting.


Angela, where do you buy your wool dye, and what colours do you use?


Thank you so much for sharing this!!!