Venting a bit

I love painting babies, even after I have done a big batch of them, have mohair and glass beads everywhere (am I the only one with mohair dust bunnies in my dryer that sometimes look like a spider and freak me out?) I love painting them even after I realize of have 7 Steven sculpts and don’t know why. I love it even when order the wrong eyes, it rains on my nuwave, or the one body I need can’t be found in my big box of bodies and I have to order it and you know what happens…you end up spending a 100 bucks on silliness.

I have been doing this a while and I have learned a lot along the way. I was so annoying when I was new, my gawd I am embarrassed. In some ways this was harder than I thought and I a lot of ways it was less intimidating than I thought.

I have also met some really cool people.

I am lucky, 98% of my buyers are pretty cool. I like an easy transaction, if it gets complicated I can’t deal. I paint a baby, I list a baby, I sell a baby. I can’t do all the bookkeeping that goes with holds, reserves, payment plans, lay aways. I can only multitask as much as I can. I feel bad but I gotta take care of myself too, and I would rather put my dolly hours into dolly making.

I don’t do customs because, I am not patient. I am just wound too tight and like to hold my own pencil.

(being honest)

Ok… so that 2% of buyers… they may be the reason I stop doing this.

(this is were the venting starts)

I totally get they we all show up to this hobby where we are, who we are and that is totally cool with me. Collectors are on a big ol’ spectrum. These babies mean different things for different people, I love that.

I am fine to own it if I did something wrong, I will make it right.

What I don’t appreciate and have a hard time with are people who have issues that are bigger than I have the skills to navigate. I like making people happy, its one of the perks right? I mean I could sell t-shirts or coffee mugs… but these babies are personal, they are pretty powerful little works of art.

They are not playthings, I mean you can interact with them if you are gentle, as long as you know there is a wear and tear factor. They take a very long time to make and a lot of care goes into making them. I don’t know about other artists but I am not making a ton of money doing this, this isn’t get rich quick.

I also want to add that this isn’t Amazon, and you can buy it, try it on and send it back.

I don’t have to field a lot of the complicated but when I do it makes me not want to paint anymore.

Am I the only one?

My gram would say, “You don’t want to be the fly in the honey” meaning (I think) the one little thing that makes all that sweetness gross. I don’t think people do it on purpose but grrrrr… they just kinda wreck all that honey.


Please vent to your hearts content. People can suck sometimes. You get a lot of joy from reborning though, don’t let them steal that from you.

I could fangirl and tell you how awesome I think your dolls are, (and they really are) but I know that won’t fix the ickiness that people can make you feel sometimes.

Paint the babies YOU want to paint. If they’re not to somebody elses liking, they can continue their search elsewhere. You don’t owe them anything, be it a doll or even just the time and effort it takes to debate them/ field their annoying questions.


Thank you.

It doesn’t get to me often mostly because I don’t have to deal with it much but it can make you feel pretty icky. We all come in different flavors but there are some people I just don’t have the skills for who need something I can’t provide, wish I had super powers.


Have you heard the saying “You can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”? There’s truth to this. Don’t let the grinches rain on your parade. I can’t even imagine what would make me want to stop painting. I do understand your frustration though. If people don’t like my dolls I guess I’ll have to keep them. Oh darn.


Totally get it. Like you, 99% of my customers are awesome. Fortunately I have a lot of repeat customers, which definitely helps keep things pleasant… but then there comes that one.

One I dealt with not too long ago drove me insane even before purchasing. I forgot to add something to the box and told her I’d mail it. She then started messaging about needing a tracking number because she needed to take the day off… for an item that would be placed in her mailbox. I didn’t even have time to print the label before she started all of this.

Later on she popped up talking about a custom. Hard pass on that, lady. :sweat_smile:

Whenever this special one pops up, I go into my artist shell and just paint, holding off on listing until I feel like dealing with people.

As far as not having the skills… I flat out told someone this recently. She is picky and has babies by prototype artists. What do you want one of mine for? Keep buying from them because I likely do not have the skills to impress you.

You do lovely work and are so creative. Your clown babies are some of the best I’ve seen. Keep doing what you do for yourself and for the majority who appreciate your work.


You vent. You feel better when you do not hold it in. Your babies are out of this world. You are a creative outlet girl.

The reason I won’t sell babies, 1. I have a long way to go to be good. 2. I don’t want to deal with people on that level anymore. I did that for 20 plus years. I just want to have fun and go outside the box. I am not painting babies currently. I miss it so much.


You are gifted and talented so why dwell on negative thoughts and negative people. Take a break occasionally and don’t push so hard to please others, limit your obligations to where you are happy. Go outside and feel the sun on your face, the wind in your hair and you will smile to yourself and the honey will be sweet again. Just me being me. LOL put a flower in your hair and paint away. :footprints: :baby:


Love you and your beautiful Dolls @Gabriell you are one of the best!

Awe @Evee Sending prayers and hope you get back to painting your beautiful babies again. And you are very good at it. I know that for sure!!!


Thank you my friend.


Hope you find your way back to it. I love it when people paint just because they love it. I also love when Christmas rolls around and ladies here are making a big batch of dolls for nieces, grandchildren, friends kids, it melts my heart.


I love the way you live and think.

You are right, I gotta just let it go and move on where the sunshine is. Not sure why it bums me out. Glad it isn’t just me though. I never thought I would be doing this, and I never thought I would be doing it this long (four years?). I still love it, and I do appreciate some of the really awesome people I have met, you are on the top of that list.

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You make beautiful babies.
Ive been doing this for as long as it existed. Lol.
Dont let people steal your joy in it.

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I think it’s only human to feel that way from time to time. I also love your work! Your babies have such a beautiful skin tone. I honestly would have thought you had been doing it longer. I loved watching you You tube channel also! You have been a help to me!

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I appreciate all the kind words, I hope no one thought I was being a big baby, ungrateful or fishing for compliments.

I think I was just having a hard time in general and a few interactions rubbed me the wrong way. I just needed to feel like I wasn’t alone in feeling frustrated sometimes.

I am grateful for good clients, some interesting and amazing people in this community and the support here.


Nah. No one thought that.

We all get fed up now and then. And venting to people who understand helps.


Vent all you want Gina, you are probably saying in those vents what a lot of us are thinking! I too just want the honey but those flies seem to swarm sometimes. And, in truth, it only takes one fly to throw me off my game. Too tender-hearted here even though I like to think I’m tougher than that. I’m not, and meanness hurts. I’ve been taking a break from painting and catching up on things but I’m starting to feel like I need to get back in my painting. Even if nobody wants to buy one of my babies, I love to make them. Also love hearing from you and seeing your creations. Both are awesome and I sort of feel like I know Superwoman…anyone who can work on 9 babies at once and not get the limbs mixed up has to be Superwoman, right??? Love you girl and keep on being you. You are a true artist and an inspiration to so many!


Glad to here you might be pulling the paintbrushes out again, we need your art on this planet. You words are lovely to read.

9 babies, but they are taking forever. It had been so long since I had painted a regular newborn, when I went to go pick out sculpts I couldn’t stop, got a little excited.

It was a lot of fun, as you know well.


Hi Ann, nice to “see” you! Seems like you’ve been gone forever----or maybe it’s just me and I’ve missed seeing your posts. Stop by more often. Glad to hear you want to get painting again. Miss seeing your beautiful babies!