Veining head took the paint off?


I think I’ve just about managed to fix the head. I had varnished the kit to keep it from happening again. Then I got a bubble at the base of one of the fingers. I carefully removed it with an exacto blade as I figured that would be better than selling it with the bubble and having a customer peel it, potentially ruining the paint on a large part of the hand. It look a small area down to raw vinyl. So I then patched it with tinted varnish. I’ve still got a ways to go to match the color and texture though. This baby is bound and determined to be a budget/ booboo doll. sigh If I could afford it, I would just keep her or gift her to family.


Oh, oops! I forgot to add the photo of her head.


Your skin coloring looks so real, especially on the first hand photo. Are you still baking it at 295F? May be that is a problem.
When I recently bake for 11 min on 265F for nail tips (as tutorial said because thinning medium is involved) it took almost all coloring off the limbs and I had to start on shading again. I’ll never bake anything for 11 min again.


Thank you very much. I will have to look into that. I may try an empty oven at 40% power to get a temp reading and adjust my bakes in the future.


According to

Mine version does not have Power button, so I use Temperature Setting



He looks great!


Thank you! I’m still gonna have to sell at a discount though. I can’t manage to patch the hand up to my satisfaction.


Baby has hair and brows now. I’m not super thrilled with the color or the brow placement but happy to be done. I’m going to bake the varnish later tonight.


So I’ve baked and temporarily assembled the doll so that I could try some clothes on it. I can’t decide if this baby is a boy or a girl. I mean, I AM leaning more toward one than the other, but I’m also trying to factor in which gender it looks the most like/which it will be most successfully sold as. Opinions?

(And there’s that blasted booboo on its hand… I’m very disheartened that I can’t fix it.)


I see a boy, but girls sell better so I’m not help there


I see boy! A super cute, sweet boy! :heart:


Adorable Boy.


I’m so sorry that happened​:open_mouth:. You suppose to paint the veins in the beginning for ethnic babies, before you but flesh layers on​:slight_smile::blush:. I hope this helps!


I had brought the doll with me to visit my friend at the hospital and on the way, stopped at the pharmacy to pick up an Rx. The lady behind the counter loved his nostril and drool detail and told me to let her know when I have a girl available so hopefully I won’t have any issues marketing the next one. I think I’ve figured out an outfit for this little fella though. Lol


I woulda told her, hold these clothes! I’ll be right back with a dress and a headband :stuck_out_tongue: People crack me up with this.




I should just dress him as a girl and take him back in next week. Lol


So, the lighting isn’t great but I found part of Lavenders layette. Lol