Usps 😣


I already have to deal with my cigarette smelling mail. Now a mailcarrier left my doll at a door and mark it as delivered to individual. As it was signed for by the person. This is ridiculous. What if someone would have stolen the package…We would have both looked like lairs to each other. :persevere::persevere::persevere:


Oh i just went through an ordeal with the p.o. myself,had to call the 1800 number and make a p.o.put in the wrong zip,i discovered it in a bout 5 minutes,went back and instead of them canceling the first one the manager marked through the zip on my receipt and said they put it in by hand.yeah right😒it was supposed to go to ky,it went to Michigan instead?! Total mess,thank god the customer was great.


I called and reported our substitute carrier for smoking in the truck. I saw her doing it. They must have said something to her because Saturday I saw her pull her truck over to the curb, get out and sit on the ground and smoke. I didn’t think they could stop the route to do that but at least she wasn’t in the truck.


The nerve of people! They could be recipients that have breathing issues who does not need to be exposed to the smoke.


:persevere: they think we are dumb
Im happy the client was patient and it didnt affect your business


I reported mine and nothing happen


Oh mine went to the master general.i have a big mouth and my way of thinking is everyone has a boss. Yes she was great