Using Instamorph/moldable plastic help please!


Someone posted about using moldable plastic to modify a kit recently, and I can’t find the post! I really liked the results they achieved, and wanted to try my hand at it, but I have some questions about adhering it to the kit. If anyone knows the post or poster I’m talking about and can point me in the right direction I’d be grateful! Or if anyone has any ideas about how to adhere the instamorph to a painted kit, I’d greatly appreciate any tips. Thanks!


@Miss_Kitty I think :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll see if I can find her post, or maybe she’ll chime in :grin:


She posted it in the WIP posts


I used Plastimake that I got off Amazon. It’s super awesome! Don’t bake it!!

So I think you should Mobil’s it into whatever shape then harden it in cold water, then attach it with maybe E6000 (that’s what I’m gonna use. Or crazy glue…?) but don’t attach til you’re all done with baking baby cuz it’ll melt. I’m thinking either paint the pieces prior to glueing or very carefully after. My werewolf is gonna have black claws, so it’s no biggie. :0)


Thanks! I’ve finished painting and am sealing now, so then I’ll be completely done with baking. I’ve been experimenting with instamorph on a test piece and was hoping it would just adhere to the vinyl on its own but I guess I’ll try the e6000 (gem tak didn’t work).


Oh for the ear I tested and it actually DID just adhere! I forgot!! Play around and see’ :heart:️:heart:️ Share pics!