Using GHSP Lip/Blush/Nail &Premixed Red Set without thinner


Here we go again… Another question. :roll_eyes:

As you all know by now I am following Jacky’s DVD tutorial.

She uses the colors mentioned in the title WITHOUT thinner and straight out of the pot for lips, creases and nails.

The thing is - no matter how small the amount of color is which I put on my brush - it doesn’t work for me.

The paint is either too dark (too much color) or too dry and “brittle” (not enough color on my brush). I do not understand how it works for her.

Am I crazy?!?

Has anyone else tried GHSP successfully straight out of the pot?

No, she does not dip her brush in thinner (at least they did not show it in the video, which would be tragic!!). To be honest the color LOOKS like it was thinned when she puts it on the vinyl because it is so light. But she doesn’t even indicate it.

And I know there are better tutorials out there, but I really want to follow through with this, and UNDERSTAND things.

I mean - she is the best prototype artist out there, so why would she tell stuff that doesn’t work. I want to understand why it doesn’t work for me.

Again -

she uses the color on a round thin brush straight out the pot without thinner, she paints/dabs the color on the vinyl, and then she is using a large Mop Brush to smooth it out.

Please answer me! :pray: I appreciate all the help I can get!


When I use paint straight out of the jar, I dip my brush in thinner first.


I wonder if she has a layer of linseed oil over the pain in the pot. I use my lip color straight from the pot (Macpherson’s sweetheart lips), but it is thinner/oily compared to BB paints.


I personally have tried that and it was a mess for me! Looked like lipstick. Was a pain to get off too.


I put a tiny bit on and brush brush brush until it is all spread out.


Those premixed ones from macpherson’s have thinning medium in them, so it totally makes sense that you can use them straight out of the pot.

@Amethyst I use a tiny drop of odorless thinner in my lip paint, so not straight out of the pot. I do use it straight for scratches sometimes but I think it would be too thick to use for lips or creases. I’m not sure why she shows that, I don’t have the videos so I can’t look for myself. She probably dips in thinner first, based on your description of what it looks like


When I was using my genesis I put a dab of the thining gel in the pot in corner and just mixed a bit of paint in it.


Maybe she uses fresh new paint. I found that when my paint is new I’m able to do that. However I cant do it with my older paint. No matter how fast I close my jars the paint becomes dry with time.


Thank you so much to all of you!!

I thought that too- that maybe her paint was super fresh. I bought mine just a few weeks ago, but who knows how long it was sitting on the shelf.

Now what I did was - I started stirring every pot with a toothpick. The consistency of paint gets so much nicer!

Still - I do not achieve that translucent look on the creases like Jacky does.

Anyway, at least I know I really tried.

I will use a little bit of thinner on my brush.

But Dark Red is not the right color. When I look at Jacky’s prototypes, I think Clyde (which she reborns in the video) is my least favorite, the creases are so unnatural and bright.

Please tell me your opinion:

I thought that the best color may be- the skin color of the baby plus another color that makes it a little darker. Is that right?


Here’s my understanding of it. I think she is dabbing the paint brush in odorless thinner even if it isn’t show on the video. Here’s why. All written tutorials I’ve done where the teacher does something straight from the pot, the brush always had a slight dampening of thinner on it (was mentioned by the teacher). It just helps the brush pick up the paint better and blend it. I think it’s just one of those “automatic” things that most artists might think others will automatically just do. But I’m often one of those people that is very literal and if they don’t show it being done then I don’t think or know if it’s supposed to be done. But dabbing the brush in thinner is something that she might not show because she might just assume most people know to do it, although that’s not always the case. If this makes any sense. :smiley:


It’s my understanding that the premixed colors from MacPhersons are like the Secrist premixed sets. They are mixed with thinning medium, which makes them much more transparent going on.


Same here… :smirk: I can’t do something that they are not showing, how am I supposed to know what they are doing if they are not showing it. :laughing: lol This tutorial is aimed at beginners, if it was for experts they should have said so.

My next problem is the color for creases.

I don’t like any of the creases shown in the (otherwise great!!) youtube tutorials, such as in the series “reborn with me”.

There are many threads on this topic on BB, but I feel like no one is willing to share their real secret. Well, I understand somehow. If you make your money with it, you want to keep your secret recipe for yourself.

I will have to experiment…


I’ve just been using crimson ( Mix crimson with a tiny bit of paint thinner, make a thicker solution). I use a tiny brush and paint the creases, then blot with a bushy makeup brush. If I’m making the baby more peaches and cream, I use the premade paint from macphersons; there’s a peaches and cream mixture for lips, one for creases, and one for blushing


I do the exact same thing! I prefer to use thinning medium if I have it but odourless thinner works too. And I use the same color. I don’t use any of the premade colours though but I usually don’t make lighter babies anyway


My crease colors vary a little. I usually use Q Crimson with a touch of purple 05 and sometimes a touch of Flesh 08. Or I use Genesis red with a touch of Blue 05 and a touch of Flesh 08. Sometimes if I mix a nice blush color I may darken that a little bit for creases.


Thank you so much @Mommarobin :hibiscus: @MilosMeadows :hibiscus: @ECNRebornBabies :hibiscus:

I have tried everything, and I feel like I made some progress! :slight_smile:

Ordered some new colors which I will blend to try something completely new. Will see how that works out.

Big sigh,…How do people reborn their first baby in 1-2 days?? It’s incredible. I am working on mine for weeks now. :weary:


I thought of another idea. Maybe someone has tried it already, but maybe take what colors you want to mix for lips out of the pots and mix them together in a well, without any thinners, and then apply it to your thinner-dampened brush from there and work it into the lips.