Using a Turkey Roaster


I am hoping someone can give some direction on how I go about using a turkey roaster to bake my parts. I am not sure how I go about it, do i need to put the parts in something, or on a towel so they don’t get burned? Is there anything I should do or avoid? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks


From what I’ve read you can lay polyfill in the bottom and let the parts rest in the fill. Marlen from this site uses that type of oven roaster and her babies are gorgeous!


I put a white cloth on the bottom and sit them on it that all


i have a small rack i stole from a toaster oven i cover with a small hand towel. i bake my babies on this in the roaster…my roaster doesn’t have 265 setting so i put it on next setting up…it’s always worked fine for the babies…i guess cos you take the top off to put the parts in…who knows …i just know it works for me…


Kathy what temp do you set it at?