Using a drying gun on an assembled baby...?

Hi, Everyone!

So, I have assembled my baby (the one on the siggy) a couple of weeks ago, but now I have received my Genesis Matte Varnish and I want to “touch up” some shiny spots… Except for the baby is all-ready, with glass beads and fiber inside (and all limbs sealed with E6000).

Do you think that using a heat gun with her stuffing inside could deform the vinyl? :confused:

I really wouldn’t want to cut the cable ties, remove the seals and everything else… Maybe I’m lazy, but it’s such a pain…

I’d appreciate any ideas or opinions.

Thank You!!!

From what I understand, you should be fine. As long as you don’t hold the gun on a certain area for an extended period of time. That however is my understanding, certainly not a pro here!

Thank you for your input, Amber… I’m sooo inclined to doing it! I have everything right next to me and I “come and go” with the idea.

BEWARE!!! make absolutely sure if you are doing the face area to wet your mohair and eyelashes and then cover then…they WILL SINGE/MELT and be yucky…but if you put in some conditioner, leave it wet, and then cover the head with a wet cloth, and cover the eyelashes with a wet cloth…it will be okay…just didn’t want you to have a fried baby…lol…good luck

Heed what Carolyn is telling you! I thought I was being careful and poor baby “Vanessa” is still sitting here without eye lashes! Even the indirect heat instantly melted them! I am a terrible “mommy”!

Thank’s, good to know you do not have to empty the limb’s. Which I have done and hate it!!!

I did it!!!

I was careful with the lashes (she is a baldie, so, no problem with hair ), kept the gun at around 7 cm and it all went smoothly.

I ended up spreading the matte varnish all over her just to make sure and, still, piece of cake.

The trickiest part was positioning her in a way that her limbs wouldn’t touch anything while drying and to avoid further problems I did legs first, arms next and head last.

She looks perfect!

Thank you all!