Urgent question I’m in Joann’s-Solved. Thanks!


Is it better to have the ottlite lamp or is the bulb good enough


Not sure but sometimes they have the lamps on sale. I have a small one and it is my life, lol Especially since I reborn at night!


Ok. Ty. I do too. I just wanted to make sure the lamp is worth it. Or would the bulb be just as good.


I like the ring lamp.


this one?


That’s the one I want!! Get it!


Ty everyone I ended up buying the ring one online at Joann’s. I didn’t realize that the sale was online only. I’m hoping it helps me out because I have a hard time seeing the true color of what I’m painting.


Guess this is a little late, but I got the same one in the picture you showed, but I was able to use my coupon. I had wondered if they allowed coupons on those purchases. I was very happy when they did! :slight_smile: I love it!


I started too but i wasn’t sure. :pensive: oh well. It was still a really good deal.


I don’t know that it would have been a better deal, it would just mean you would have it sooner. :slight_smile: After the coupon, my hubby paid 1/2. That made me happy. :slight_smile: You will love it.


Please let me know how it will work for you. I was looking to buy this one too. Also ebay has ‘medical’ like dentists uses with light and magnification on the wheels, which make is more portable, for less money. Does any one bought those?