Updated Non-Bb, Realborns, heads


I have the following kits available-

Dominic awake
Miranda sleeping
Madison sleeping
Ashley awake

Violet Clymer (baby)
Raven Clymer (fairy- SOLE)
Hope Lechner
Bindi (orangutan for reborning)
Daisy Stoete

Also- Honey head, Emmy head, 3 male realborn front plates, Tracy kit (has been stripped)

Feel free to make offers on sale prices or trades.


I also have Leif, Dominic sleeping and awake, Miranda, Ashley awake
Male realborn front plates


One Dominic claimed


Sherry is pending


How much for miranda


@alicekay56 Feel free to make an offer


Post edited- kits added, parts added as well


How much for heads


What does Raven look like?


@Katinafleming here is a pic of raven- she is long sold ouout, so it is hard to find pics for example


@lyssa1974 feel free to make an offer, which were you interested in?


not the emmy heads, they are too big. How much for the other one? and how much would shipping be to 24279


I could do $12 shipped if that works for you