Updated at post 18, more kits added!

These are the kits I have for sale currently. Shipping not included in price. Will combine shipping.

Realborns. $40
#1 Miya Sleeping
#2 Joseph Sleeping
#3 Landon Sleeping
#5 Priscilla Sleeping
#6 Zuri Sleeping
#7 Dominic Sleeping
#8 Macy Sleeping
#9 Aspen Awake
#11 Quinn Asleep

Regular BB Kits

#13 (Discontinued) Newborn Elzia $40
#15 (Discontinued) Tristian LLE $50
#17 Gracie $25
#18 Daisy $25
#19 Ember $25
#20 Sweet Pea Awake $25
#21 Eden $25
#22 Cuddles $35

#23 Harriet by AK Kitagawa w body, coa $100
#24 Charun by Angela Degner w body,coa $100
#25 Maylin Auer coa $100
#26 Li Lopes coa $90
#28 Smilla by Sabine Altenkirch coa $100
#31 Tiffany by Corinne Kaufeler $50
#34 ZIon by Cheryl Webber $40

I have other LE kits that I may list at another time but still struggling with letting go of a few lol

Small realborn Leif tummy plates $10 each I have 3

Link to discontinued BB kits so you can look up the ones I have if needed. http://pictures.bountifulbaby.com/inventory/discontinuedkits.html



All of these have magnets the Hunnybug are $4 each the non HB are $2 then I have some new ones not pictured without magnets for $1 each. I am still going through more things I know there will be lots of rooting needles but I think I may try to sell them all in a bundle.


The parts box… any idea what size babies the limb sets are for? Also… how much would shipping be to the 76087 zip code?



I would love Sienna, I’ll send you a PM!

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I want Dean please.

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Just a guess I’d say 19-20 inch I will have to check on shipping and get back to you.

Sent pm.

Looks to be about 9.40 if you want it please send me your address via pm so I can ship it with the other items.

I just sent you a PM.



Oh no! I missed out on Sienna!!


No biggy! My fault for not checking! :slight_smile:

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Updated what has sold. If not marked sold it’s still available

Messaging you

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I would like to have, Rachel by Cheryl Webber if you still have it

I do please pm me your paypal and shipping address.


Debria Brown
Pine Hill Dr. S.W.
Rome Ga.30165

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Thank you!

Adding a few more. I will also make deals on multiples.

#37 Long sold out Emma Scholl with body/coa $300

#38 SOLE Maik Blick coa $165

#39 Long sold out Sunshine Winters coa $200

#40 SOLE Thomas Auer coa $225

#41 SOLE Ellis Auer with tummy, body $165 coa

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Are your hunnybug pacis still available? If so can I have the bottom row (minus the second to last one the green with orange handle). @AmandasBabies