**Updated 5/07/18** kits, head, limbs for sale


Hi everyone, as I am purging my small 1,000 Sq ft house, I have realized that I have WAY TOO MANY KITS AND PARTS!! My stash must also be purged!!

I ask that buyer pay shipping from 02919 and pay by paypal. Smoke free home!

This is what I have up for grabs:


:black_small_square:Lilly $15
:black_small_square:2nd Holly $15
:black_small_square:Juliet $15
:black_small_square:Nevaeh $15
:black_small_square:Punkin (smiling) $15
:black_small_square:Jewel head (new vinyl) $15
:black_small_square:Realborn Reese $25

:black_small_square:REALBORN KASE ASLEEP HEAD 2NDS $25
:black_small_square:REALBORN Thomas head with marks $10
:black_small_square:ERIN head BY ADRIE Stoete $60

:black_small_square:1 back plate $10
:black_small_square:2 female front plates(that are not the realborn). $10

:black_small_square:Easton kit WITH BODY $45
:black_small_square:Caleb by Cheryl Weber $45 (discontinued)
:black_small_square:Tina kewy kit to strip $40 (I believe it’s he/she asleep not sure, bought from someone else and don’t feel like doing it.)
:black_small_square:Cupcake fairy kit $30
:black_small_square:Realborn Leif 2nds kit $30
:black_small_square:SOLE Realborn Kase asleep $65
:black_small_square:Realborn Logan awake $40
:black_small_square:Realborn Clyde asleep $45
:black_small_square:Realborn Clyde awake $45
:black_small_square:SOLE Realborn Thomas asleep (SOLD)
:black_small_square:LIMITED EDITION Barnabe king of trolls with body and COA $80
:black_small_square: LE Ellis Auer with COA and belly plate $100
:black_small_square:REALBORN SUMMER RAIN W/COA $65
:black_small_square:LE Dean by pat moultpn wirh COA $45
:black_small_square:SOLE REALBORN Asher awake $100
:black_small_square:LE Maik by Natalie Blick with COA $100
:black_small_square:Realborn Landon Asleep $65
:black_small_square:Realborn Asher Asleep LE with COA $100
:black_small_square:Realborn Ana asleep $65
:black_small_square:Realborn Thomas sleep $65
:black_small_square:BB Maggie with torso kit $50


{Realborn limbs $15 each}
{BB limbs $10 each}

:black_small_square:Realborn Emma legs
:black_small_square:Realborn Presley arms (2nds)
:black_small_square:Realborn Clyde awake arms
:black_small_square:BB paisley arms
:black_small_square:2nd Savannah arms
:black_small_square:Realborn Emma arms (sold)
:black_small_square:Natalie arms
:black_small_square:Paige arms
:black_small_square:Realborn Ana sleeping legs
:black_small_square:Gracie arms
:black_small_square:Realborn Joseph arms (sold)
:black_small_square:Realborn Jaxson legs
:black_small_square:Realborn Joseph legs (sold)
:black_small_square:Realborn Ashley arms (sold)
:black_small_square:2nd grace legs
:black_small_square:Realborn Brittany legs

I will add more later this week!!!


Anyone interested?


Interested in Ashley arms. PMd you.


Hello, Do you still have the tummy plates male and female and are they $10 each or $10 for 2? Thanks, Kelly


$10 each. They are all still available.


@BabyCakesReborn Is that $10.00 for 4 limbs or 2?


Two. Either arms or legs.


Messaged for Joseph’s limbs


Hi everyone, I still have a ton of stuff available. I will be going through my stash again this week and may have even more for sale. I would love to make room for my favorite kits!!


@BabyCakesReborn Do you still have Nevaeh?


Yes I do!


Just figured out how to pm. I just sent you a message. :slight_smile:


May be interested in a second Barnabe kit. What are you asking? Thanks!




Updated the list


I’m interested in Summer rain, is she still available?


Hello, yes I have 2 summer rain kits :slight_smile:


They are from the original run and both come with the COA


How much is the other summer rain kit?


I paid full price for the kits plus shipping. I’d like that plus you pay USPS shipping to you if you choose to purchase.