UPDATE PHOTO'S Added ALso how to get rid of black spots?


can you take a real closeup of the black specks?
I dont know what they are. Did you see them when you first got the kit or did they develop after you got them?



Yikes! I can see why you are so upset! I have no idea what the spots could be, but the gals on here talk about using an acne cream that has peroxide in it I believe to remove spots. Hopefully one of them will come along and give you some great advice.

I was hoping you would post a pic of your “Vanessa’s” limbs. Mine has have some really strange, thus far unidentifiable arms. I guess she is usually sold with “Robin” limbs, but I don’t know whose arms my “Vanessa” has!

I hope you find some resolution!


Nope, those are not the arms my “Vanessa” has! Hope you figure out something to do about the spots!


Where did you store the kits? I have a cute little effanbee I stored in the basement. When I pulled her out of the storage tub she had black spots.
I about exploded. I washed her with soap and water…nothing happened…but I let it air dry and low and behold they went away. I’m guessing mine might have been mold…yuck. But she is fine now and the black dots were all over her face.


The spots look like mold.

The arms do look small. Did you order from DD I know she ran out of the proper limbs to many kits when she had a sale and substituted random limbs.



I think the spots look like mildew, just like what might be found in your bathroom shower. Try using a bleach and water solution (maybe a tablespoon or so of bleach in a pint of warm water) and dab onto the spots with a clean cotton ball soaked with the solution. Try it out first on a few spots in inconspicuous places and see how it works. Be sure to rinse off the bleach water once the spots have faded away. If they only fade partially, then try again with a slightly stronger mix of solution.

Bleach is my favorite cleaning solution and I use it on all kinds of things with great results. I think if the dots are mildew the bleach will work really well. Let us know how it goes?


Did you use a black magic marker to mark the name of the kits on the bags they were stored in?
Sometimes the marker (sharpie or other brand) will have a reaction with the plastic bag and the vinyl of the baby and “bleed” onto the vinyl., even if it is written on the outside of the bag and the baby is on the inside of the bag.

You can try the oxy zit cream to get the marks off.
If it is mold from moisture and being stored in the bag, it will probably lighten with bleach and then disappear with the zit cream.


Here’s a pic of my “Vanessa”…she was reborned by a fellow BB member. I haven’t been able to find out whose sculpt these arms belong to but I do know they aren’t “Robin’s”.

I can see why some gals think your spots looks like meldew, I am wondering what some bathroom meldew spray would do? But then again, those spots look very well defined for meldew…any that I have seen anyway! I hope you find a solution! Please keep us updated!


I think the spots look too blue to be mold or mildew - of course my computer may not be showing the true color.

Just a suggestion but after I use chlorine bleach on anything I rinse with a vinegar and water solution (about 1 part vinegar to 9 parts water) and then again with plain water. It neutralizes the bleach. The bleach smell goes away and your hands lose that slick feel that bleach leaves.

Rubbing alcohol is the best removing for inks but I don’t know if it will work after you have used bleach.

I don’t store my dolls in vinyl boxes, but in cardboard and I’m going to remove any that came in bags and wrap in muslin.

I feel bad for you - not only the loss of these kits, but not knowing if it will become a problem for your other vinyl.


Those specks actually look like something was splattered on the kits. Like an ink pen exploded or something. I keep my kits in 2.5 gallon ziplock baggies inside plastic totes and have never had that on any of my kits.

Rose, those limbs look like the ones that came with my Jannik kit. I believe they are sculpted by Brigit Gutzweiller(?).


Thank you Noniesgirl…at least the right one looks like “Jannick’s”. My “Vanessa’s” left hand is clenched. I really have a mixed up baby on my hands!

I wonder if Devin would have any input into what the spots on these kits could be? He has probably seen it all? Devin?