Update on my werepup


I saw his! That made me want one too. There’s a post on twitter about a guy dressing his werepup as his look alike and traveling around NYC with him. That’s how I found out about her. I think she needs better communication and an assistant or two. If only for the communication and social side.


I absolutely agree… communication is very important…I mean she could always be working on a pup and ask her husband or her other workers to send the updates while she continues working


I wish! They are so cool. Maybe one day.


Oh so sweet,I think he is well worth the wait.


I think so too!!! He will be my first and most likely only silicone baby. He has a silicone head and limbs on a cloth body. The way it is explained is it’s platinum silicone…soft and squishy without being too soft, basically his limbs won’t be completely limp.


I have decided to name my pup Chester…Im a fan of the group Linkin Park so I decided on Chester since he was the lead singer of the group


She sent me my invoice…my little werepup is all paid for!!! As soon as I receive him I’ll post pictures :smiley:


I want to see him in person,just send him on to me.lol


Lol…I just don’t think I’d be able to give him up


I would not let him out of my site if I were you.He is adorable.


My werepup is officially on his way home to me!!! I received the tracking number sunday night and i get a text every time he is scanned into a new location!! Im so excited!!! :smiley:


Here are a couple pics that the werepups artist shared on her Facebook page. Little Chester is just too stinkin cute!!!


Oh my goodness. That’s adorable!!! :heart_eyes:


How exciting!


Ah, finally! That’s so exciting!