Update on my werepup


I’m still waiting on my werepup, however tonight I received an email from Asia (creator of the pups) that he is actually finished but that she plans on painting his nose black upon looking at the reference picture of my dog I sent to her. She asked if I’d like to see a pic of what he looks like now before she paints the nose black and I said I’d love to see it. So right now it’s another waiting game…lol I’ll let you all know when I receive pictures :smiley:


You have some serious patience!


Lol…tell me about it…i knew i would have a long wait but damn its been a year and a half and within the last 5 months ive emailed her a few times with no response. So ill be waiting for pics


Wow, that’s such a long wait!


Wow!! That’s a very long time. I hope you love it!! Sounds a bit like she could use some professional lessons though, I mean if you have to wait so long she should at least communicate better. Months without response to your contact is not ok


I agree and as of yet I still have not gotten a picture!!! I swear it’s like dangling a piece of meat over a starving dog and then throwing the meat away… She should have just sent the picture without me requesting it. With every baby I make I am always taking progress pics and send them without even being asked.


Exactly! Why even ask if you know you don’t have time to go back and forth with messages the picture should have been sent with her update, however maybe she didn’t want to spoil your surprise. Well I hope she’s credited and is working on your pup and it will be more then worth your wait


She is known for not communicating with customers…about a month ago another customer who actually paid in full said she hasn’t gotten her werepup and it’s been close to 4 yrs. And she hasn’t heard from her at all. And I totally get that it takes so much time to make these pups but holy cow at least respond when someone wants an update. It just makes me go nuts cuz it’s not like I’m sending a zillion messages. I mean it’s been about 3 months since my last email to her.


That’s crazy! Aren’t people claiming their money back at that point?


With it being so long that money has been paid I thought it was too late to get refunds. And especially since these pups are customs I figured PayPal wouldn’t refund


She sound a bit like a scammer. No way I would wait 4 years for an item I paid for NO WAY!!


Wow! That’s insane. I wish PayPal would allow longer periods for reporting fraud. I see several “artists” who claim to take 6 months to a year to complete a doll. I know the werepup is exclusive to her. But she shouldn’t sell more than she can make. It’s irresponsible on all of these artists part to require 6 months or more for a custom of any kind. No doubt, a lot of them purposely set their work time to go just over the PayPal deadline. Customers agree up front. Then there is nothing to back the customer when the artist falls through :confused:


Also…she does know how to communicate. She responded right away when I asked about shipping cost for the vinyl kit. She is obviously picking and choosing who to respond to and when :confused:


Okay so I shouldn’t complain that she never responded to my simple question then. Yikes!!


Who IS this?? I shall make sure not to do business with her :confounded:


I finally got pictures from her about my werepup!!! And I have to say he is so cute!!! Now it will be another waiting game for an invoice for the final cost and then to actually have my pup in hand.


How exciting for you to actually get to finally see your pup!


I love his eyes!!! Can’t wait till I can cuddle him!!!


Her dolls have exploded over social media so I can see why she’s backed up. I personally won’t buy from an artist that has a work time of more than 3 or 4 months. And that’s a long time for me! I’m new and I can do maybe 2 or 3 a month that look good. I can’t make 40 or 50 a month. I don’t think anyone can and have a quality doll.


I do trust her quality…it was just the lack of communication that was upsetting…she has made a werepup for actor Robert England (Freddy Kruger) when you pull up the website werepups.com he is on there…he used to work closely with them. I’m just gonna be happy and relieved when I finally have my baby here with me!!! As far as I know custom orders are still not available… shortly after I paid my $325 deposit with all my specific details they shut down customs so that they could catch up on all the back orders. But I am happy the way my pup has turned out. Now I gotta think of a name for him