Update on moby's scratch,

i used one of my finest canvas buffers, what do ya think, should I use heat matt to?

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Sharon it looks great, I can’t even tell. She’s beautiful. I love the hair.

YEA!!! shes cured!!! Looks great -dont even need a band-aid!!LOLYou did great!!!

I can’t see the scratch either, and I think she is beautiful. Love the dress and headband too:)

thank you all so much, you all are a great help,

Looks wonderful.
Very pretty baby.
I wouldn’t risk doing anything else, if it were me.

What is a canvas buffer? Where can you buy them?

you should be able to find them at an art store, its a little oval sander, you cant feel any ruffness at all, but you use them to buff the ruffness off of a canvas to make a portrait smooth canvas, that way you dont have to pay extra money for the finer canvas,

She looks great! And thanks for the tip about the canvas buffer…I will keep that in mind if I ever have a similar situation!

She looks great!

What scratch? I didn’t see the before picture, but whatever you did to fix it, it worked great!

You can’t see it at all now! Great work!