Update on Available Kits (and Bodies) For Sale - Lowered Prices But Updated Shipping Policy

Hi everyone,
Thank you to everyone who has ordered so far! I wanted to provide an update on what I have for sale. Please note latest prices and policies. Since my stock is getting low, I am unable to provide for free the corresponding bodies for many of the kits, but if you would like to add a body to a kit order, I can add a body for you for $5 (see available bodies below). The additional body does NOT have to correspond to the kit you purchase. Otherwise, see below for pricing for bodies only.

Here is updated pricing:
– Non-Realborn BB kits – $30
– Realborn kits - $50
– Other artist kits – priced below as listed

Shipping within the U.S. is $15 for the first kit and $20 for 2-3 kits, and $30 shipping for 4-5 kits. If ordering a larger number, I will quote you my best estimate and refund the difference if shipping turns out to be less. I apologize that I can no longer offer free shipping. A couple of recent orders I shipped out had much higher shipping costs than anticipated.

I also have a ton of bodies available – I can sell the bodies separately for $10 for the first one, and $5 for each additional after that. Shipping is a flat $5 for orders with up to 5 bodies and $10 for more than 5 bodies. There is no additional shipping charge for the bodies if you are ordering a kit.

Please feel free to email me at littlefootnursery1@gmail.com if interested or PM me here on the forum.

I have removed the ones that sold to make the list easier to read. Thank you!

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:
Lynn (of Little Foot Nursery)

Below is a list of what I have available:

Bodies I have available:

944 10 inch body (for Claire, Byron, etc.)
1273 21 inch, 3/4 limbs
1492 18 inch, 3/4 limbs
1625 - 2 of them 20 inch, 3/4 limbs
1804 - 6 of them 20 inch 3/4 limbs
2743 - 2 of them 21 inch, full arm, 3/4 legs
3011 - 3 of them 13 inch, 3/4 limbs
3228 20 inch, 3/4 arms, full legs
3561 - 2 of them 22-23 inch, 3/4 limbs
3771 - 3 of them 10 inch body (for Byron, Claire, Emma)
5915 18 inch, 3/4 limbs
5920 16 inch, 3/4 arm, full legs

Bountiful Baby regular kits:

Fei Yen

Realborn kits:

Clyde Awake
Ana Sleeping
Miranda Sleeping
Leif Sleeping
Marissa Sleeping
Emma Sleeping
Miya Sleeping
Thomas Awake
Laila Awake
Jaycee Sleeping

Other artist kits: (a body is included in these prices… if I don’t have a body available I can substitute a different body that you might need.)

An-Ming - Ping Lau - $80
Yona - Christa Gotzen - $80
Mae Awake - Sandy Faber - $50
Peanut - Priscilla Lopes - $90
Princess Adelaide - Andrea Arcello - $90

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I got my 3! Thanks so much!!

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I would like scarlet, Celeste and 2 bodies 19” full limb for sleeping Evelyn and 18” full limb for asleep Joseph. I’m not picky on the body type. Zip code 80537

I would like Gemma, Easton and Paisley, please.

I would like Lillian, Trey, Kimi, Riley. My PayPal email is Laquista.wilson@aol.com
Zip code 75402

My PayPal is banks.cindy@yahoo.com

Sure thing - please PM me your email address and I can send you the invoice.

Hi there, all three are available. Please PM me your email address and I can send an invoice.

Lillian isn’t available but the others are. I’ll send an invoice for the other 3.

Do you by chance have the extra bodies I asked for?

Do you have a body for promise? If so, I want her please!

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Yes, Promise comes with a body. Please PM me your email address and happy to send an invoice.

Cindy, yes - PM’d you.

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Hi Cindy!

I sent you an email with my kit requests.


Hi Victoria, my name is Lynn :slight_smile: But yes, I got your email. thanks!

Sorry for the name mixup. I know-We’re all squared away🤗

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Do you have any of these bodies?

Hi there, I definitely have 1458, 647, 7542 and may have some of the others as well. Were you looking for one from each category? Or multiples?

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2 from each category.

They are $10 for first and $5 each after? I would like 2 from each category please