Update of my going ons(and pics!)


Update since I haven’t been very active at all since my last post-

I’m starting with the “bummer” stuff and ending with the positive stuff.

Christmas was pretty rough, as have the last few weeks been as well. My boyfriend was luckily quite stoned(Due to the surgery for his broken leg) for the holidays so he didn’t really care about missing it. My grandparents came for a short visit on Christmas day so that was really nice. It was hard to essentially spend the holidays alone(BF was too drugged to be of any real companionship, he slept for like a week solid), I didn’t even finish decorating the tree, I got into a pretty bad slump and have only recently starting coming out of it.

I’ve mostly been stuck in the house, but I was able to get a new rigid ultralight wheelchair(I have to pay my BF back for it because it was more than my entire measly monthly SSI!), It fits SO much better than my old one though I don’t get to use it myself until the BF is able to bear weight again. My health is slowly starting to get better and better after having been so sick, I lost a LOT of muscle tone that took me years to gain :stuck_out_tongue: so now I have to start all over again! It’s very frustrating! I’m also working with several people trying to figure out how to get a set of power assist wheels(they’re 6k!), insurance won’t cover them at all because I wouldn’t use them in the house(they give no Fs that they would allow me to leave the house like other people my own age… shopping, leisure, possibly even a job…) and it’s been a struggle to find any kind of grants or anything that could possibly even pretend to help with the costs… this healthcare system is so so broken…

I’m halfway done with the toddler I’m giving my mother as a late Christmas gift and I have to say, I am SUPER enjoying painting toddlers! My mother wants to do the face detailing herself so I only did a few base layers on it to make sure the skintone matched the limbs. I now really want to have a toddler of my own to paint!

My BF got us a 3D printer for a late Christmas gift and I’m super excited to try that out, he’s going to get a 3D scanner too so I can sculpt things, scan them, and then print copies(I’m going to make so many pose-able dinosaurs!). He also took me to a makeup store called ULTA and had me(I’m super reluctant to buy things for myself) pick out some makeup which is pretty awesome as I’ve literally been using the same preteen starter kit I got like 15+ years ago! Now I need to learn how makeup actually works!

Now for some pictures(my BF gave permission for his pic to be posted, the dork insisted on doing that for the picture…).

My new chair!!

Basic paint layers on the toddler head(looks so much better in person)




Congratulations on your new wheelchair and welcome back​:blush:hopefully 2019 brings you lots of joy and reborning :blush:


Thank you! We’re both hoping this year is better health-wise! We spent most of last year taking turns being sick or otherwise laid up!


Your chair looks super lightweight…hope you are soon able to use it more. Love that dolls hair :slight_smile: Sweet!


It is super lightweight! It’s made out of titanium so with the wheels off it’s only around 15lbs


I hope thing start going better for you in 2019. The chair looks great and you have a handsome boyfriend. :wink:


He’s something all right :rofl:

Truthfully he’s my lifesaver. I mean when I’m in severe pain in the middle of the night and can’t even move he brings me my meds(and helps me) and ice cream… He’s for sure a keeper. I knew I wanted to date him the day we met and fell in love with him the 1st time I saw him interact with one of his pets.


Hello my fellow zebra reborn artist, good to hear you are doing better :slight_smile: . Nice chair…did you get it second hand or new? I know those things are expensive even if they are small. I wonder if you could get help from your doc to get an electric chair or one with power assist wheels. They can get insurance to pay, at least some. I wish I could use one of those but I can’t sit straight upright for more than a few minutes, plus I need my arm rests. It would be so much easier to travel with a light manual than my big ole hunk of 18 thousand euro on wheels. Fortunately French social security, our private insurance, the handicapped foundation and my husbands work paid for most of it. We had to pay 5 thousand.
Your toddler looks great and Im sure your Mom will love her :slight_smile: . Your boyfriend looks like a serious goof ball, Ill bet he keeps you laughing.
here are my wheels and one of my dogs photo bombed my pic LOL


Happy for your new chair! How did he break his leg? I broke my collar bone when I was little and I remember that pain. Glad things are one the up and up for you two. Your toddler is looking cute.

@Lil Love your new wheels too! What a cute doggie!


I got it 2nd hand but basically unused. I’ve tried to get both a custom wheelchair and power assist through insurance(with my dr, a wheelchair seating specialist, caseworker, a person who is very experienced in trying to get medical equipment covered and the rest of my teams support and recommendation) but they won’t even consider covering anything UNLESS I use it primarily between the bed and the toilet(not you know… to function like ‘normal’ people and be able to leave the house… ugh… I hate this county sometimes).

This chair was $800 out of pocket, I borrowed money from my boyfriend to buy it(since that’s more then I get a month on SSI) and I’m slowly repaying him back. I’m hoping I can sell a doll this weekend to help pay for it. I have a fundraiser going too but it’s not going very well.

I’m going to have to fundraise for the power assist wheels(either “Twion” or the “M25 E-motion” wheels), but they’re 6K so that’s going to be very hard to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was evaluated for different kinds of chairs and it was decided that ultralight manual(with power assist) would be better for me than a power chair, mainly because I would be deeply limited as to where I could go with a power chair because of their sheer size and weight.

He is a serious goofball, we both are actually, a lot of our relationship is based on humor because we both love to laugh and make terrible puns.

We think he sat down on his leg too hard, it started out as a fracture and turned into a full break(he walked around on it for 3 months and did 6 weeks of PT because the SINGLE urgent care Xray didn’t show anything… after 3 months I sent him to my ankle specialist who did surgery 2 days later). He was in surprisingly little pain actually, just a limp.


I hope your fundraiser works and glad he is healing!

That poodle is cute too!


Mines not really new Ive had this one for over a year now. I get a new one every five years…it is pretty cool though and rugged, I can go hiking with it :wink: My last wheelchair didnt even come close to this one.


Thats crazy, it used to be that Medicare covered at least part of the cost if shown to be medically necessary. Things have obviously gotten a lot worse!


Yeah they pretty much don’t cover any equipment… I mean I could fight them but it’s guaranteed to take years… and I could fundraise for one by then… AND not have to deal with their BS :rofl:


Toddler is done(minus the face my mother is doing)