Unto Us A New Baby is Born


Hello Everyone

It’s been months since I’ve been here. I had been meaning to share this sooner. Almost 3 months ago already.

My husband and I were blessed with a third baby, a daughter (2 years after our second son passed away in NICU after 15 days.). She was born at 33 weeks old but was out before 37 weeks. Her growth and progress in NICU was smooth sailing.

Look at that hair. All my babies had curly hair and she has straight hair. I wish I already had her when I rooted my first reborn doll.

At 1 month old she was tinier than Shyann :heart_eyes:. I think she’s bigger now. I must take a progress photo again.

I am so smitten by her I think I’m only coming back to reborning next year. I couldn’t even find time to announce her birth. We really thank God for her.


Congratulations, she’s beautiful!


Thank you


Congratulations she’s adorable :heart:


Here’s her not so recent picture. Dressed from head to toe in garments crocheted by me.


She’s a beautiful baby, enjoy! Congratulations!!


Congratulations and God bless!


Oh Wow big congrats on your little bundle !!!


She’s beautiful. I’m so happy for your family!


Oh my goodness! Sooooo sweet! Keep us updated with pictures with your real reborn!!! Enjoy every second they grow so fast


Congrats !! She is beautiful :heart_eyes:


I’m so sorry for the loss of your son. Jesus is holding him now.
But congratulations on the birth of your sweet girl. She is absolutely beautiful! You are truly blessed. :heart_eyes:


I think your post made everyone’s day!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️ Congratulations on your beautiful blessing!!!


Congratulations on your sweet blessing! :heart_eyes: She is a beautiful little princess! :sparkling_heart: :crown:




Congratulations , beautiful baby girl.


Congratulations on your beautiful baby. I know your son is looking down smiling too!




You are blessed she is beautiful and healthy. Congratulations.:heart_eyes:


Congratulations! She is indeed a blessing :slight_smile: What a beautiful baby!