Unexpected Vacation.......H1N1

The health department shut my school down last Friday cuz we had 25% of the students sick with the flu. When I came to school today the health department was actually there waiting for our % absent. Well, we had 37% out today. They closed us down until Nov 4. The kiddos in my class are really sick. Some with 102 to 105 temps. I bleached and sprayed my room down for the zillionth time. Hopefully, I won’t get it!


yeah , as a mom of a daughter that has health issues already … this is scary to say the lest. our schools r open however if it gets to a point here we will just keep our kids home to be safe. it is scary thing i think for everyone right now!!! i hope all you school kids are ok!!!
and you too!!!

37% Wow !!!
my daughter said 6 kids were absent from her third grade class today
I sure hope its not hitting our school.'
Rest while you can and keep up the great job with disinfecting !!!

At my school we’re only supposed to use “school approved” cleaners and disinfectants. But I hide my clorox wipes and bleach under my desk. I don’t care because I’m not taking any chances.

Five of our 6 grandkids have had it. The 6 & 3 year old boys have really been sick. Sore throat, irratic fevers, mucle pain, vomiting, diarrhea. The 6-year old wouldn’t walk for a day because his legs hurt so bad. He missed a whole week of school. The 12-year old missed 3 days of school. This week end our 6 & 4 year old granddaughters started with it. But never fear, the vaccine will be fully available by the middle of November! Great planning!

we’ve been hit hard at school too. I have been spraying and wiping everything I can find. I hit the door knob and the pencil sharpener several times a day and encourage the kids to wipe down their desks every hour (I have six different groups through here in the day). I thought I had it, but flu screen came back negative, but I sure was sick over the weekend.