Unbelievable request


I can hardly believe some people. A woman just contacted me about one of my babies on Ebay. She wants to know if I’ll take less for it since her daughter wants everything to go with it…a Cartier, a real stroller, etc. In other words, I should make less money so that she can buy all kinds of other expensive things and then she’ll probably complain to me when her child wrecks it. Sheesh!


Surprised she didn’t ask you to give it to her for free!



I have a doll posted and someone asked me if I would take $50 for it, after telling me how beautiful it is. People have no idea how much work goes into these dolls. Its disheartening.


I have had some asking for free babies already this year.I was beginning to think I was the only one getting this.I have had everything from momma’s begging for their kids to one woman begging for one for her mom.I do give some away but I give to who I want to and when I donate,I donate where I know it is needed.One woman told me that it was unfortunate that people like me had no compassion for those with less.Needless to say,I blocked her.


Some of these people need an education in what is involved in creating a beautiful lifelike reborn baby.Not just the money but the time.


I agree. I try to politely educate them.


After politely explaining that I could not accept less and that I was a starving artist (with an LOL) she bought the doll. She is sure that her daughter will take care of it. 99 out of 100 ask for a discount and then don’t buy it anyway. My Christmas surprise came early. LOL


I am asusuming we are going to get some worst once to …
Like it would be your problem that her child is spoiled :slight_smile:


I get asked If “we” can lower the price. No, not happening. Got a message from someone claiming to be a child with anxiety and depression- of course a $300 hand painted doll is the cure, not medication or therapy. Got another message from someone claiming that her husband died; she’s struggling to make the holidays special for her child. One more woman kept contacting me about a sold doll (realborn painted with lots of detail). She is holding out for one that looks exactly like that, but is reasonably priced at $150-$200… I laughed and told her when she sees that to grab it because that price barely covers the cost of making them. She won’t be seeing that from me.

Congratulations on your sale @pschomaker. :blush:


The answer to can ‘we’ lower the price should be ‘You can.’ ‘I’m not.’


@dollypardon And @jeanhai, I was the fool trying to work with a mom for her teens first reborn, blah, blah, blah. Lowered the price when they were to pay and it never happened. I messaged saying, if I do not hear from you or you of not pay, I will be readjusting my price; I only did that to help you. No reply and no payment. I changed my price back this morning and I have received several messages, first stating, sorry I got busy can you change the price but it was 15 bucks lower than the first agreed price. Next, can you change now, so I can pay, yet 5 bucks lower. Lastly , sorry to bother you but can you change now, so I can buy; back to the original agreed apron price. People are something else. These emails are all coming from the teens email. I have not bothered to reply. Waste of time, SMH


I’m going to save that for next time, @jeanhai. :joy:

And @aclovly, you are far from a fool. You sound like a very kind person trying to work with someone. I used to be like this too, but some people just ruined it for everyone. You really just never know (especially online) who is actually in a situation versus who is trying to get over. Now I don’t even bother trying to figure it out. My prices are my prices. Like it, good, don’t like it, don’t buy. It’s really that simple.


I just cannot be bothered with people like these. I do always politely answer, and explain how much kits and materials cost and point out that after eBay/PP fees I do not make much profit even on $500 doll. AND then I block them.

Many years ago I made this doll:

It was a very cheap very dolly kit, that I got to practice making African babies, and was not very happy about my painting - I could not get the shading right. I listed her for $120, and got this woman trying to talk me down. Anyway, somebody snatched her just after I answered telling her she can have her for $100 if she picks her up and pays cash. Then she went on and on how her daughter needs a black doll, and there are none nice in shops, and how broke she is and would I make another one. Her messages were full of spelling mistakes, and so badly written, that I started to think English is not her 1st language. Then I let my imagination run wild, thinking that maybe she is refugee from Sudan. We had in that time several thousands coming here, and people were not nice to them, and I imagined little African girl who experienced some untold horrors before coming here, and how strange it would be for such child to be surrounded by white people, and not being able to have a black doll. Fortunately, I realized just in time she was just somebody who wanted something for nothing.

Friend of mine told me in that time that people who are really in dire straights do not do this; it’s opportunists who are trying to rip people off who are asking for ridiculous discounts.


I grew up so poor that our concerns were focused on where food was coming from and how to keep the electricity on. Times were still tough as a young adult during my attempt to break the cycle of poverty. But I managed… and all of this without a $300 doll. Can you imagine? Lol

So yes, @ludmila, you are absolutely correct. People who are really in dire circumstances are so focused on basic necessities that they would not have the time, resources, or desire to go begging for discounts on high end luxury items that they could not afford.


It’s usually people who will turn around and sell the doll for a profit. Don’t lower your prices! I’ve learned firsthand.


Well here is the message I received today
This is going to sound soooooo crazy but it’s worth to ask, can I buy her for 40$ yes I know real low but I can’t stop thinking about her and that’s all my money and I will do anything, maybe I could trade stuff and the money for her? I will do anything. I completely understand if you think I am crazy. But please just think about it. I will take care of her real good please answer me when you can. Thanks


Yes, we all do think you are crazy. Nothing to think about here. There’s your answer. Thanks.

I seriously cant even. :roll_eyes:


Just when I thought, I had heard it all, lol


Thanks for understanding! :laughing:


I am also having a pest in this moment; doll listed only 3 days ago and has heaps of watchers
question number 1 - what is the lowest you would accept
my answer - not negotiable
2 - sell her to me off eBay and you save on fees
me - no
3 - OK how about free shipping
me -NO
4 - at that price does she have at least a birth certificate
at that point I put him on my BBL, and do not answer
5 - does she come with paci
6 - what size clothing does she wear

I thought people on BBL cannot message me. :frowning: