Ultra micro premie for sale! (28 week gestation sized baby)


I wish pics could show the true amazing details for his new mommy!
He is available for $225 plus shipping.
He has exact life life skin and texture. With hyper realism details.

Here are a bunch of pics dressed as a boy and girl in all kinds of lighting including direct sunlight and shading.


You know it occurred to me that y’all could care less about me, my friendship or my babies.
Now I get why several people I’ve met thinks forums stink unless your part of the inner click.

No more posting for me.


Windy I hate you feel this way I understand tho. Your baby is so cute. I for one did not post because I was in a fog, My mother in law died Monday but we were called and told a week before that she was send on comfort care until she died. I have been emotionally a wreck. I am coming out of the fog and thing sare better now.


Wendy, I rarely post anything in the Sales section on forums unless it is to make an offer. That is what the sales areas are for, not for critique or for congratulations.
Your baby is well done of course…I assume he is the Jacob kit? You do not state anywhere who he is, where from, etc.
Why not post in another section rather than sales if you want to discuss him?


Windy, please don’t feel that way. Your babies are sweet.

I’m certainly not the best artist around, in fact I call myself more of a hobbyist. And, I NEVER post babies for sale here or on any other forum because I feel that the people on the forums are MAKING babies, not buying babies - they aren’t looking to buy so much, as they are to sell their own!

And just for the record **there is no clique here **. Not every entry gets a response no matter who posts it - and not every post gets feedback. I’m sure you haven’t responded to every single posting on this forum, have you? And, from what I’ve been reading people are responding to your posts, to mine and others who post. If they don’t, I don’t get upset and you shouldn’t either.

I have found that if I ask for help - I usually get someone in this vast group of people who is willing to help me. Just look at what this posting has generated. More than one person felt compelled to assure you that everyone here is welcome and we don’t want you to go away. I do hope you will reconsider because sharing a hobby we love is important. I will say it personally to you for what it is worth – YOU ARE AS WELCOME HERE AS ANYONE


Thanks for the kind words.


True Forums are clicky,lol. BB is a good starting point for beginners, but I think most move on to more advanced forums and advanced techniques. Actually, a lot of those here in BB forums are from a “reborning school”. After I finish all these BB kits I think I’ll be moving on to more advanced limited edition kits as well.

Also True about the sales section…you should repost him in the “Reborn Showcase”.

P.S. Jacob is the size of a 24-25 weeker. 28 weekers are alot bigger like the Tayla, Taite, Teagan. I’m a preemie mom to a 29 weeker and 26 weeker


I had three premies. One was almost the same size.