Ultimate Fusion paints


Good morning! I am thinking about ordering the ultimate Fusion starter kit. I am a long time Genesis user. I’ve tried air dry before and did not care for them but I’ve read great reviews on ultimate Fusion. For those of you that have purchased this kit, approximately how many reborns will it make? Is there anything I should order in addition to the kit (colors, shine remover or matte, sealer)? I just want to make sure I order everything I need. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


following - can’t wait to try them myself


I have them and they bead a lot at first. The paints are tiny and they have to be mixed with distilled water. I want to switch to Golden. I’m not a big fan…they have to be thinned or they will leave little “colored water spots” on the kit.


Oh no! I am going to give them a try one day.


I just tried RebornFx for the first time. I bought them from Macpherson’s. This is my first attempt at them and I feel that they are quite easy to get the hang of…


I use some RebornFX paints along with my Golden and I really like them. I had problems mixing decent lip colour and I ended up buying their mottle and blush colour as well. I also got their hair painting kit and some extra paint for that but their tutorial didnt work out for me and Im still considering buying the Ultimate Fusion tutorial but then switching to the RebornFX paints once I learn. The one thing I don’t like is the Emulsion from RebornFX, its very sticky and shiny on my dolls so I never use that. I mainly use Golden satin glazing liquid and a tiny bit of retarder.

Edit…I think RebornFX would be easier for a Genesis user to swap over to air dry considering they have some of the same colours and flesh washes, etc.


So cute! Did you use a primer, sealer, matte or shine eliminator? I always get confused on when to use these. I tried air dry paint before and I did not care for it so I’m hoping this paint is better.


I primed. At the end I used Soft Touch varnish with a little matting powder as my sealer.