UK Help Needed! Reborn Hair!

I was wondering if anyone could point me/link me, in the right direction for a good supplier for reborn hair. I’ve only ever rooted one baby with Suri alpaca hair, and it was terrible; frizzy and flyaway. I’ve since ordered from three other recommended suppliers, and have been disappointed by their quality. Can anyone recommend any UK suppliers and have photos of their hair used on a reborn? Thankyou in advance!

Look up Celtic Mohair, it’s beautiful hair and the lady’s really lovely and helpful. The artist who made my reborn used this hair (I ordered it and sent it with the kit) and I don’t know if it’s the artist’s skill or what but the hair is just super, so soft and haven’t had to brush it once, it stays neat and tidy just by smoothing my hand over it. Highly recommend it.

Thankyou so much I’ve just looked up the Facebook page and it looks a lot better quality than what I’ve been receiving :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t suppose you have a photo of your reborns hair? I’d love to see what it looks like once it’s rooted

Hi. How do you get this straight and how to stay straight?

Rhe I’ll get you a picture in the morning :smiley:. The light’s fading here now and I can’t get a decent shot of it.

Tinyreborns - how do you mean? The hair’s not poker straight, it has a slight wave to it naturally so I can’t get it straight. If you mean how do I get it to stay tidy, I really don’t know! I never wet it or condition it or anything, I’ve never even brushed it, it just stays in place. I keep her wrapped in a blanket too in case the sunlight fades her but her hair remains fine , even when I change her clothes a quick smooth down with my hand is all it takes. I had other reborns before her and their hair was awful, flyaway, came out in the brush and messed up easily, this one is totally different. As I said, not sure if it’s down to the artist or the hair.

Piccies as promised!

It’s beautiful hair, super soft, no frizz whatsoever. I don’t think you’d be disappointed with it.

Thankyou so much! She’s lovely😍