Oh dear, well that doesn’t look right… :joy:

I ordered the size eyes that are recommended for Johannah. But they def seem too small.
Has anyone else made a Johannah? What size eyes did you use?
(WIP btw)


Are they flat backs, if so you have to go up a size.

Round flat backs usually fit in the size suggested. Oval flat backs you go up a size.


Ah okay, they are oval flat glass eyes from BB

If anyone is willing to trade 22 mm green eyes for these please let me know :yum:

She looks like she just saw the latest gas prices :rofl:


Oh no, you’re so right! Ahaha

I just finished Johannah, and I used the recommended size in glass flat backs. They fit perfectly!

I looked at my eyes better, they’re not 22 mm but rather 20! Not sure how that happened lol

That baby looks like she’s seen things. Terrible things. Things that would give even the most hearty among us nightmares. :rofl::joy::rofl:

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Are the back sockets intact? I hate when I have to “heal” the gaping hole! My go-to is to use compatible sized coins and slide one or two pennies, dimes, nickles into the front of a warm head, followed with easing the eyes in. For insurance, I press lightly against the inside of the head/socket back as I coax the eye into position. My preferred eye is the eyeco eye, Platinum glass, they are firmly squishy and fill the gaps effortlessly. The sizing is different, a 22mm eye sizes to 23mm, etc. I keep a decent supply of those eyes on hand as they are custom made batches, made on different days. They are very nice people and if you are in a bind, message them and ask if they have any immediately available in eyes in what size and color. VERY responsive team and beside that, the eyes are great and not fragile like terrible mouth blown glass eyes. <—nothing should be THAT fragile!


I have these meadow green Eyeco polyacrylic/polyglass eyes in 20 mm if you want to buy them for $10.50 plus whatever shipping is to you.

Ah, thanks so much but I went ahead and ordered some. Ironically the exact same but 22 mm aha.

OK I was confused as to whether you were wanting 20mm or 22mm
I have had these a while so if anyone wants to purchase let me know.
I seem to never use green eyes.

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