Ugh so mad- bought a kit off ebay

I am sooo mad ladies please let me vent. I just bought a Shyann off ebay because BB is out of stock and I needed on. In her description it says FIRST QUALITY SHYANN. and I just got it today and it is definitely not a first quality! She has a hug like dent fold thing or her face, among many other things. just saying now im getting my $$ back but seriously how aggravating? I guess I am never ordering anything other than straight from BB from now on. ugh
thanks, just needed to let it out lol

before you send her back… is there anything you can do with the dent? perhaps heating up the head and stuffing it then put it in the fridge

That is so unfortunate. Shyann is such a beautiful sculpt, too. It is too bad that the seller couldn’t be honest from the start and save people all the aggravation. Dents are usually fixable, though.

really? I hadn’t thought of that. its like really big- it goes from the bottom of her ear to the base of her neck, and there is another one on her chin and her arm. the one on her head is like the whole vinyl is uneven- like its hard to explain. like almost like if you pictured a set of stairs- she would have a “step” in her neck lol. i opened a case for the refund, and she said she will refund me, but i asked her if she wants to refund me some $$, because its hardly a 1st quality, but maybe i will see if she wants to do that and then just have some crazy fun with it or something. know what i mean? shes being a biotch about it too blah!!!

i know it is aggraviting especially because if she had told me about maybe you know couldve saved everyone a headache. im not even really like a super picky person but we are a one income family and 65 dollars is alot of money so i dont want to get something i am not loving! lol i hope we work it out

There are two different methods that can be tried to reshape vinyl.

To quickly restore the vinyl back to it’s original shape, you can try the following method:

Method #1

The quickest method is to boil the flat vinyl parts. This is a newer method that works really well. First, fill a cooking pan with water and place a towel on the bottom so that the vinyl doesn’t touch the pan (it could burn if it does). Bring your water to a boil, and place your flat vinyl parts in the pan. Turn the temperature down and watch things really well. The towel will move around after the water boils, and you do not want your vinyl to touch the pan and burn. Leave your head or limb in the water until it pops back into shape. It should take less than a minute, if not leave it in a little longer. Then, take your head or limb out and let it cool down and dry off.

If you want to make minor changes in the way the vinyl is shaped, rather than simply restore it to it’s original shape, you can try the following method:

Method #2

Use small wash cloths or pieces of fabric to stuff the head or limbs to the shape you want. Place in a glass dish or cookie sheet on a bed of Poly-fil, making sure no vinyl touches the bottom or sides of pan and placing the vinyl in a way that it will not roll. Bake the parts at 265F for 10 minutes. Carefully take the pieces out and place them in the fridge for 15 minutes. Remove the wash cloths-- the vinyl will hold it’s new shape.

The first method is a lot faster, but only works to restore the vinyl back to it’s original shape, rather than reshape it into other shapes. The second method will actually allow you to make minor changes to the way the vinyl is shaped, rather than just restore it back to it’s original shape.

Hope this helps!

Bountiful Baby

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great info bb!!!

Thanks so much bb I will try that and maybe I will be able to keep the kit

As BB support said “minor changes” as with perhaps a dimple or smoothing out a bumpy forehead or something of that nature -it wont allow you to re-sculpt the vinyl