Ugh i just spent too much

and my husband is going to have my head if he finds out! Bountiful Baby you have such great deals.

BB Had great sales today to bad I am not fast enough filling up my cart berfore the things are gone…I missed out on mohair and some kits I wanted.

yeah i seen rosebud on my phone. when i logged in on my computer it was already gone alot of the kits went super fast!

I got my 2nds Libby ive been dying for!~ missed the mohair- didnt check. wish i couldve seen preciousgift

Was Spencer on sale? And how much was the mohair?

no i didnt see jewel or spencer… i wish i could buy dakota and robin

Ohhh What a compulsive money grabbing hobby this is…I spent way to much money at BB today…Now I am really going to finish up what I have before I spend another dime…How many times have we all said that