Ugandan Baby

I had made a Ugandan baby from the Shyann kit for a little Ugandan girl who was adopted out of the Ugandan jungle as a baby by this woman who is a doctor (she may have been involved in Doctors Without Borders, I’m not sure). She said they found the baby in the jungle with just some type of vine belt wrapped around her waist. Anyway, I shipped the baby in December. I was commissioned again to now make this baby (named Olive) a brother. Got a lovely note from the child’s Mom: (Esther is the child, Olive is her baby girl and Noah is the doll won by Cheryl in my annual giveaway):

“You have never seen a child love a doll so much. Every Sunday they greet Esther, Olive and Noah at breakfast at IHop. they have their own booster seats. They have their own strollers for trips to the Zoo and the Aquarium. They have car seats and we can’t move unless they are buckled in. At night they sleep in their individual cribs next to Esthers bed. She introduces them to every one as her brother and sister> You have beautifully created a whole family for Esther and we will be eternally greatful.
Thanks, Cheryl”

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HOWEVER - At some point Olive needs to come back for some surgery. Apparently a dog bit off 3 of her fingers so she will need an arm replacement! What a time I am going to have matching up the color!!


Oh well, pass the Kleenex…what a wonderful, wonderful letter, Judy! I loved reading it and your pictures are awesome! To know how much that precious little girl treasures her baby, well, I just can’t say enough about how nice this all is. You’ve truly made her happy!!! Thank you for sharing with us; made my day!



Wonderful! Thank you for sharing, it really inspires !

Thats so cool. What a pretty baby!

This was a wonderful story and Congrats on making a little girls world brighter.

That’s wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing.

I am, as I said, making a brother for Olive. I’m using Kyra this time. I think he will compliment Shyann.


Wow that is so touching. I cant believe they found her in a forest too. Wow thats great that now she has a.caring family and that is so kind that you made those babies for her too and thats nice that she loves them so much

Yes, Cheryl said they found her in the jungle of Uganda. Here is a photo of Cheryl and Esther so this is why I assume she is a doctor. A tourist would not find a baby in the jungle.

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