Two Hits on Corbin

So today Ihad two emails from and both from different women. One wanting to know if I would do a deposit/layaway to hold Corbin. And another asking if the price was $200 plus shipping.

I really do not think I want to get involved with a layaway plan. I think I will politely decline. The other woman said she really wants him and is saving up LOL

C’mon somebody… just buy this baby already so I can move on LOL.


I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Maybe the other possible buyer will save up the money very quickly and be able to purchase him :wink:

Lolololol poor thing!!! I can’t wait til he finds a mommy!!!

Other than turn him into a girl… which I thought about… I don’t know what else to do LOL. He is so cute…especially in person. Since I have 4 days off this week… and have to finish Celeste…maybe I can turn him into a girl and try that approach :smile:

There just is not enough time in the day. Sigh


The one I just sold was listed in early February. I almost reduced her price but I’m so glad I didn’t. When the right mommy comes along, she’ll fall in love with Corbin.


If he doesn’t sale I really may do him as a girl and relist at a higher price. Just trying to be patient lol

You just have to list them and forget about them, sooner or later somebody will buy them. When somebody asks me about paying doll off I say “yes, sure, about 30% NON refundable deposit, and then further 3 repayment every 2 weeks, by direct deposit to my bank account, because PayPal does not do part payments”. So far they all said no thanks :smile:

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You did a wonderful job on Corbin. I think he isn’t the most attractive sculpt out there and it will just take time to find someone who finds him cute.

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I absolutely LOVE the Corbin sculpt and yours is soooooo adorable! Someone will come along; it’s hard to be patient, though, I know. I can’t see him as a girl, but you could try and see if it helps. The person who just bought my Precious Gift last week (that I listed as a boy) sent me pics of HER complete with headbands, bows, the works…kind of weird to me, but hey, she paid for him, she can do whatever she wants as long as she’s happy and doesn’t want a refund because she bought him while having a breakdown or something. :imp:

My point is: hang in there ~ HE is sooooooooo CUTE!!!

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