Two Brand New Seconds Kits Available Now!


Good Afternoon!

We have seconds Adalyn and Realborn® Alexa prototype available on our website now! Now is a great time to buy them at a discounted price! You can see both of them featured on our homepage at

Adalyn is the ROSE 2018 limited edition Kit of the Year. She was sculpted and donated to ROSE by the talented artist, Aleina Peterson. Here is a link to her seconds item number:

Realborn® Alexa is our newest and latest release. She is the adorable granddaughter of Nevin and Denise Pratt. You can check out her seconds item number here:®-alexa-sleeping.

Thank you so much!

Bountiful Baby


I got on to buy them a couple hours ago and they disappeared out of my cart. They must have gone fast.

Look again. They’re both back.

But not on sale. :weary:


yes, disappeared from mine within minutes lol

Thanks, I went back and grabbed them up.