Two babies I am working on...WBT & Sweet Stuff

Sorry, I had to post just the links to the images as they are too big for the forum rules… Welcome Back Taylor Work In Progress … ff/025.jpg … ff/026.jpg … ff/028.jpg
I’m working on a custom Sweet Stuff kit by Marita Winters. WIP This is for a Doll Fan member.
Sweet Stuff is the perfect name for this delicate little baby. … ff/009.jpg … ff/010.jpg … ff/011.jpg … ff/014.jpg … ff/015.jpg … ff/016.jpg … ff/017.jpg … ff/018.jpg … ff/019.jpg … ff/022.jpg … ff/023.jpg

there looking really good ,cant wait to see them finished ,well done hun,

Oh wow, I love them both. they are so cute.

they are looken great, love them

Oh wow. Both so beautiful. I do not think I could begin to decide which is cuter. Wonderful Job!!

they are beautiful, great painting, look very real


nice job, very cute! love the details, makes them look so real!