Twins WIP

Well been a while for me and I’ve been quite. Toooo much going on. Baseball season started,
and I got talked into coaching tball, and hubby is coaching Jr Minors. So only day we are home
is Tuesday! lol

Anyway I finally managed to get to work on my Teagan twins! I wanted to do them identical
as I think that is something you don’t see in the reborns. So let me know what you think!!

They are adorable! I love Teagan, she’s one of my favorites.

Thank you!! Mine too!

Thanks!! I will take better pics later. I just wanted to get a few quick shots
to see how close I got them. It was definately a challenge and yes the lighting
sucked at the time.

They are gorgeous, Pam!! You are doing a wonderful job on them!

Thank you!!!

Thank you! She is a sweetie!!!

Thank you soo much!! I can’t wait to finish them!
Had to put them off for the last bit, I came down
with the flu and sinus infection! Just feeling a bit
human today.