TWINS! V.Shelton's "Mattie Rae". I don't like my c

I’m really upset… These are my second baby (they’re two, but I’m doing both at the same time, hence my “second baby”) and this my my first attempt at mottling with a “pinched out” cosmetic sponge because the sea sponge I got form Ebay was horrible. (The sleeping baby is supposed to be “redder” than the awake one, btw).

And it looks SO fake! The “pin-dots” didn’t merge together and I couldn’t pounce them in or I’d lose the mottling. Now it pretty much looks like “pixelated mottling”!

But I don’t wanna strip them…

oah i dont think it looks bad…there as many types of moddeling as there are rosy cheeks…blond or brunet…they are all different…


I agree. I think they look pretty good actually.

In the pics I think the mottling looks good

Thank you girls for your support!

The problem is that the mottling is not “smooth”… It’s “dotty” and no wash or layer will help that!

I like their faces/heads the way they are. Maybe I’ll just have to keep her in sleepers at all times!

I know what you mean about it looking dotty, but it doesn’t look bad. are you pouncing when you do the mottling. You should be doing more of a gentle rolling motion rather than pouncing. If you want you could do a couple of flesh layers over it then do one more mottling layer.

When I do the mottling with the cosmetic sponge I do a small section and then go over it with a dry cosmetic sponge and gently blot it without rubbing. This keeps the mottling from looking to harsh. I think your babies look fine in the pics but that may help in the future. Just be careful not to rub or you will smear the mottling. I sometimes let it sit for a min and then gently blot it…I also use genesis thinner so it does not dry as quickly. If you use odorless thinner you need to do it before it dries!

I did the “rolling” motion, but my cosmetic sponge (which was fine in the beginning) starting sort of falling apart (the thinner does that) and it just got worse as I went on.

I should have just gone with the Genesis thinner! The paint would be a little thicker and more workable! Too late now…

Is it too hard to strip the baby?!

I did it with acrylics and it was a pain, I can only imagine the same thing with genesis!!!

Stripping off the Genesis paint is easy, if you are planning to strip the whole limb/head.

I had a ghostly white chalky baby that I stripped back down to the original vinyl. I used Winsor and Newton paint thinner and it took it off easily. This thinner leaves a greasy residue that I got off with rubbing alcohol. Then I gave the kit a good bath and started over.

So, after following everyone’s advice (from both forums I participate in), I’m nearly finish with the twins and I LOVE them!

Well, at least compared to how much I hated them when I first posted. They look real nice, much more lifelike than before.

I will have to work on their lips again, I might do another warm flesh layer, matte varnish, then I’m done (painting)!

Please ignore the toothpicks up their noses and alien eyes on awake baby…

No (thank God!). I just kept going with the layers!

I did a wint wash to tone down the red, than a couple of warm layers (yellow ochre) and so on.

wow that is your first they are beautiful. my mattie rae was not that cute and she was far from my first. your babies are beautiful and i didnt even know about the rotating of the sponge… i never knew that now i want to try it!!!
thank you!!! i love bb cause everyone is like mixed group and we all learn from each other!!!