TWINS...Double trouble! LOL

Please take a peek and cheer them on !!!( 2 seperate auctions) … 335733e5e2 … 335733cbc8

Those two darlings are not double trouble. They’re twice as nice!!

Wht sweeties, all the best on your listing!
Heavenly Dreams Nursery

Kim, your babies are gorgeous! BOL on the auctions!

Aww they are tdf, bol on their auction.

     HUgs Tina

They’re stunning! BOL with their auctions.

I love them!

so adorable, and you have bids! BOL, Sonja

Oh I hope they go to the same Mummy they are just to adorable to seperate , how precious are they

BOL on your auction

Those babies are simply gorgeous! I hope they go to the same home…seems a shame to separate them!